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ZU-23-2 Emplaced.png
Users Insurgents, Irregular Militia
Capacity ~100 per reload
Cartridge 23x152mmB
Fire Mode Automatic

The ZU-23-2 is a deployable available in Squad. It is currently the only AA gun in the game, available to the Insurgents and Irregular Militia.

General Information[]

The ZU-23-2 is a Soviet towed anti-aircraft gun. Over 140,000 pieces were produced in the Soviet Union alone from 1960 to its dissolution. The ZU-23-2 has also been licensed produced in other allied states such as the People's Republic of China and Bulgaria. Its dual barrel design gives the ZU-23-2 a very high rate of fire, enabling it to engage low-flying aircraft from over two kilometers away.


  • Only one ZU-23-2 can be placed per FOB.
  • The ZU-23-2 has a high fire rate but low accuracy.
    • It comes with a small anti-aircraft reflector sight, which allows the gunner to more easily target enemies.
      • The gunner is seated to the left of the cannons, which means that at close range, compensation is necessary to hit targets.
    • At long range, the shells begin to slow down and drop very quickly, meaning engaging enemies at long range can be ineffective with an inexperienced gunner.
  • Each time the gun is reloaded, ammo boxes on both guns have to be swapped out. The ZU-23-2 is able to fire approximately 100 rounds before needing to reload , giving a round per gun ammo count of roughly 50. The reload time is very slow however.
  • Currently, the ZU-23-2 is fully automatic. This makes it an excellent weapon weapon for suppressing enemies and engaging helicopters. It fires high explosive rounds which are deadly against enemy infantry, and it can engage even lightly armored vehicles. Between all the autocannons the game, it is technically the weakest and fastest firing.
  • In Squad, the ZU-23-2 is also present on vehicles such as the BMP-1 (replacing the regular turret) and the MT-LB APC. This position leaves the gunner on both vehicles directly exposed to enemy fire, however. It also makes the guns and vehicle recoil with sustained fire.

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