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QBZ95-1 with Weapon Skin equipped.

Weapon Skins are cosmetics for Weapons. It was first introduced in Alpha v6 as part of the Kickstarter Founder[1] and tournament reward. Weapon Skin can be previewed and worn in the Customize menu.[2]

Description[ | ]

Weapon Skins were first promised by Offworld Industries on its Kickstarter campaign for the original Founders of the Squad. The Founder skins were officially added to the game in Version 1.0 as part of the Steam Inventory.[1] To view and enable Founder's Weapon Skin, player needs to go to Settings Menu -> Steam Inventory and enable/disable them in the menu. This menu will also allow players to also enable and disable Squad Founder's uniform patch cosmitcs.

In Version 7.0, the Weapon Skin system was expanded to an in-game customization system. Newly available Weapon Skins have thematic limitations so players can only enable skins in the correct biome. Legacy skins will also be available in the customize menu alongside the new skins. The legacy skins don't have biome restrictions.[3]

Restrictions[ | ]

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M4 Carbine in woodland camo

In an effort to prevent unrealistic Skin usage and keep the game's realistic aesthetics. Weapon Skins have display conditions (e.g. desert skins are only available in the desert maps). Weapon Skins can be equipped with specific Weapons, which are faction-locked, biome-dependent. This means that skins will only show when a particular set of conditions are met after enabling.

  • Specific Weapons: Weapon Skins are weapon-specific and include all variants. Once a skin is equipped, it will display on all kits using the weapon.
  • Faction-Locked: Weapon Skins are tied to specific weapons. Consequently, only the factions that have access to the weapon can apply the skin.
  • Biome Dependent: A Weapon Skin will only appear in the environment it was made for. For instance, a desert weapon skin will only be visible on desert maps.

Usage[ | ]

Customization[ | ]

Weapon Skins can be purchased as packs in the Steam store. Acquired Weapon Skins are available in the Customize menu, which can be accessed from the Main Menu. In the Customize tab, players can select the Skin to equip by simply clicking on it. The menu will display a preview of the Skin. A checkmark on the skin will also inform you of which Skin is currently equipped.

Use[ | ]

In-game, when all the display conditions are met, the player will be able to see the Skin. A new gesture, the Weapon Inspection, was also added. However, this gesture is not visible to other players; only the player can see the soldier doing an inspection in the first-person view. To Inspect weapons, equip the Emote in the customization menu and press X.

Skin Variants[ | ]

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Worn variant of the M4A1 skin Black & Tan.

Some Skin support multiple variants. For example, the Woodland Camo Pack and the Desert Camo Pack feature alternate styles available for the QBZ95, AK-74M, and M4A1. Players have access to both Clan and Worn variants of skins in the pack.

List of Weapon Skin[ | ]

Picture Name Weapon Description Restrictions Added In
AK74 Tribal Pattern
Tribal Pattern AK-74
No restriction Kickstarter Founder Reward[4]
Skin founder
Desert Paint M4A1 A desert camo No restriction Kickstarter Founder Reward[5]
M72A7 Veteran
Veteran M72A7 LAW
A special Veteran's Day edition camo,

a camo with patterns and graffiti

No restriction Veteran's Day 2016 Event Reward[6]
RPG7 Veteran
Veteran RPG-7V2
A special Veteran's Day edition camo,

a camo with wear and tear and aged wood instead of Bakelite.

No restriction
Woodland SVDM
Woodland SVDM A woodland camo with patterns No restriction Offworld Industries Squad Championship (OISC) Tournament[7] Reward
AK Desert
Desert AK-74M A desert camo with patterns No restriction
Woodland L85A2 A woodland camo with patterns No restriction
Skin black
Black M110 SASS
A black camo No restriction
Nickel M9A1 A nickel-plated camo No restriction
Skin shade
Shade M4A1
Woodland Biome restriction Woodland Camo Pack
Skin treeline
Tree Line AK-74M Woodland Biome restriction
Skin rainforest
Rainforest QBZ95-1
Woodland Biome restriction
Skin blacktan
Black & Tan M4A1
Desert Biome restriction Desert Camo Pack
Skin dust
Dust AK-74M Desert Biome restriction
Skin gobi
Gobi QBZ95-1
Desert Biome restriction
Blog skin jungle
Thicket QBZ95-1
Woodland Biome restriction Jungle Camo Pack
Blog skin jungle
Thicket QJB95-1 Woodland Biome restriction
Blog skin jungle
Jungle Bee PF98 Woodland Biome restriction

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