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  • Updated the GB FV432 RWS APC to have an increased mag size for the GPMG: was 500, now 750 rounds.
  • Fixed RUS Kamaz5350 Logi Truck having Transport Truck Icon.
  • Fixed RUS Kamaz5350 Trucks having excessive X-axis rolling momentum.
  • Fixed RUS Tigr Armored Car having gear shift issues transitioning between 3rd to 4th gear.
  • Fixed RUS Tigr RWS not being able to rearm unless mag is empty.
  • Fixed RUS Tigr Open Top and RWS having “NSV” instead of “Kord” in the gunner HUD.
  • Replaced BRDM2 Scout Car with RUS Tigr Armored Car on the following layers: Mutaha RAAS v1, Yehorivka RAAS v1, Yehorivka RAAS v2, Yehorivka RAAS v4, Yehorivka RAAS v5, Yehorivka TC v1, Yehorivka TC v2.
  • Fixed incorrect FV4034 MBT hull front armor thickness, now 500mm.
  • Fixed the M240 & other GPMG vehicle weapons having a misconfigured penetration curve (50cal penetration). These vehicle weapons now use 7.62mm projectile penetration.
  • Reduced cost of LAT HEAT ammo resupply from 40 to 30 ammo per-rocket, to compensate for competition with rearmable Rally Points.


L / R Voip Channel Separation for Squad Leaders

  • This new feature gives the ability for a player to set an option in the Settings → Audio Menu to split the Squad Leader VOIP Radio “Squad Leader / Command Channel” and “Squad Channel” to Left or Right audio channel.
  • The 3 Toggle Options for SL Command Channel and Squad Channel VOIP are:
  • Left Channel / Center Channel / Right Channel.
  • This feature does not affect Local Proximity VOIP.

VOIP Prioritization Dampening for Leadership

  • When the Squad Leader is using the Squad Radio VOIP channel (default B Key), any Squad member that is transmitting at the same time on this channel has their volume dampened automatically by 50% (variable configurable in settings).
  • The purpose of this sound dampening is so that the Squad Leader’s transmission is prioritized above all Squad members, which is intended to help the Squad Leader command his squad more effectively, ensuring the Squad Leader always has priority over squad members.
  • Likewise, when the Commander is using the SL Command VOIP Channel (default G Key), any Squad Leaders that may be transmitting at the same time on this channel will have their volume dampened automatically by 50%. This is to ensure the Commander has priority over SLs.
  • Leader VOIP Prioritization configuration is available in Settings -> Audio Menu.
  • This feature does not affect the volume of  Local Proximity VOIP.


  • Added a modern SVDM that includes a bipod and new scope to the RUS Marksman Kit.
  • Adjusted Infantry Movement Speed to be decreased slightly (roughly 2% decrease).
  • Adjusted the soldier physics asset/collision so it covers the entire groin/pelvic area – shots to this area should land more consistently.
  • Adjusted origin for all pistols to be a little more to the right side, making the pistol profile more prominent when not in ADS.
  • Adjusted CAF Kit Inventory: Medic (C8A3+Holo Site) and Auto Rifleman (Iron sight) now have binoculars.
  • Adjusted CAF C14 magazine rearm cost: Increased from 2 to 15 to be more in line with other kits.
  • Adjusted CAF C14 damage to be one 1 hit kill on most shots, including limb hits.
  • Adjusted GB Rifleman (L85 + SUSAT) frag grenade count from 2 to 1.


  • Adjusted both the height & angle of the deployable Sandbag firing windows to have increased visibility/firing lines, especially with bipod weapons.


  • Added a Gameplay Layer Validator Tool. This is a modular plug-and-play scripting framework that modders can use to quickly check over their gameplay layers to see if there are any potential errors. Updated the description of old GameplayLayerChecks blueprint to make clear it is deprecated.

Already Finished[]

FOB Bleed-out System -> Radio Hub

  • We are introducing a short recovery window for the FOB Radio. After a FOB Radio has taken critical damage, a team has a short time (60 seconds) where they can recover the FOB Radio and prevent it from being wiped off the map.
  • A Shovel can be used to repair the FOB Radio to stop the Bleed-out timer. Repairs need to reach a minimum threshold in order to stop the timer and prevent the radio from bleeding out.
  • Conversely, the Friendly team can use a shovel to dismantle the FOB Radio when it is in the Bleedout state. This is the only way to remove the FOB Radio while it’s in Bleedout state, other than waiting for the timer.
  • We are aware that the FOB Radio in its current status is very vulnerable to enemy attacks. No matter the defenses set up, the FOB Radio is still the weak point in a Forward Base. The act of watching over the FOB Radio can often be a dull and tedious element to the gameplay, yet is often necessary to keep that FOB operational. In contrast, the act of being a stealthy attacker is usually a more engaging, exciting, and rewarding gameplay. When on offensive missions to attack FOBs, Player’s get to experience moving through a wide variety of terrain, practicing being sneaky, having the opportunity to watch enemy movements, and having the opportunity to pick when and what targets to engage. The opposite of looking after a FOB Radio, which often results in long periods of uncertainty, and often not knowing when or where the enemy will come from, which oftentimes presents dull moments of waiting for the fight to start.
  • Including the Bleedout FOB mechanic to the current FOB system is anticipated to help alleviate this issue and potentially flip around that dynamic. While sneaky FOB attacks will still always be valuable, with the Bleedout mechanic, they MUST now also be followed up by a full attack from another element of your team. IE: you can send in your sneaky lone Combat Engineer to destroy the FOB Radio, but if that attack is not followed up by another supportive attack element, then it will just have been a nuisance rather than a crippling blow.

Rally point as an Inventory Item -> Rally point[]

  • This feature will change the way the Rallypoint is used and the meta behind its usage.
  • The RP is now a physical item in the Squad Leader’s inventory, similar to the ammo bag that Riflemen deploy. Squad Leaders will need to rearm the RP.
  • The intention behind this change is to reduce the effectiveness of attacking and rushing while only utilizing the RP. This change is expected to encourage better supply lines and coordination with ammo-bearing vehicles and discourage Squads from acting autonomously for long periods of time.
  • Resupply cost for the RP item will initially be set to 50 ammo. This value may be modified in the future based on feedback and our observations.
  • The SL can pick up the RP like an Ammo Bag. The 2-minute deployment cooldown remains in effect.
  • We acknowledge that this feature will change the behavior of Squads and SLs somewhat dramatically, and will be making observations and taking feedback about its implementation. This feature will be under development and may be modified or even removed if it is shown to not contribute towards Squad’s core principles. We value your feedback and encourage you to let us know your experience with this mechanic once released.


  • Added two variants of the Tigr Armored Car to the RUS vehicle arsenal: RWS with Kord HMG & Open Top Turret with Kord HMG. The Open Top Turret variant carries 600 ammo and has 8 seats. The RWS variant has 9 seats, but carries only 300 ammo. These new armored cars are the RUS answer to fast armed transport for infantry Squads. -> Tigr-M Kord
  • Added the RUS Kamaz5350 Truck to replace the Ural4350 for RUS Logistics & Transport Trucks. These new trucks help bring RUS into the modern era. -> Kamaz 5350
  • Added two variants of the CAF LAV3 RWS APC for CAF: LAV3 RWS with C6 and LAV3 RWS with M2. This Armored Personnel Carrier is intended to fill the role of light troop transport for CAF, while having some additional firepower in the 3rd seat with an open-top C6. -> LAV III




Manic-5 (CAF)

  • CAF_Manic-5_RAAS_v1 & v3 – Increased number of caps from 5 to 7.
  • CAF_Manic-5_RAAS_v4 – Increased number of caps from 5 to 6.
  • CAF_Manic-5_RAAS_v2 – Changed to sunset lighting, rebalanced available vehicles.
  • CAF_Manic-5_Invasion_v1 – Changed teams from RUS attacks CAF to CAF attacks MIL, temporary spawn location moved closer to first CP.
  • CAF_Manic-5_Invasion_v2 – Changed vehicle layout to favor attackers, added heli to attackers, temporary spawn location moved closer to first CP.

Al Basrah

  • CAF Al Basrah Invasion v1 – Fixed CAF Helipad being partially outside of the map boundary.
  • Al Basrah AAS v2 – Updated INS vehicle layout: replaced T62 with BMP1 ZU23, replaced 1 Technical Dhsk with Technical UB32. Moved 2 flags closer to the eastern side of the map (Compound and West Outskirts).


  • CAF_Belaya_AAS_v1 – changed team 2 from MIL to RUS.


  • Chora Invasion v2 – Fixed flipped INS MTLB spawning.

Fool’s Road

  • Fools Road AAS v2 – Changed teams from GB vs MIL to USA vs RUS.


  • Fixed an issue with the water appearing black.
  • CAF_Gorodok_AAS_v1 – Changed team 2 from MIL to RUS.

Jensen’s Range

  • Fixed vehicle armor diorama: MTLB 6MA turret using opaque materials, duplicated BMP1 model.


  • Kohat Invasion v1 – Fixed Hangu Orchard forward spawn point not being spawnable by INS.

Lashkar Valley

  • Lashkar Valley Skirmish v1 – Fixed Commander not being disabled.

Manic-5 (CAF)

  • CAF Manic-5 AAS v1 & RAAS v3 – Fixed CAF main base helipad not giving supplies.

Tallil Outskirts

  • CAF Tallil Outskirts RAAS v1 – Fixed RUS ammo crate clipping into vehicle repair station at RUS Main.


  • Skorpo Invasion v2 – Fixed RUS team having Ural 4320 Trucks instead of the new Kamaz 5350 Trucks.


  • CAF Yehorivka Invasion v1 – Added MIL Ural 375 Logi on the forward spawn.


  • Improved and optimized VFX for surface bullet impacts (9mm to 14mm).
  • Optimized Texture memory of environment assets (phase 1)
  • Fixed a Client performance hitch that was related to asynchronous audio loading. Players with certain hardware would often experience a pronounced client-side hitch (lag/delay) whenever a new sound would play in that match.


  • Fixed an issue with persistent ammo where Players will spawn with depleted ammo on their first spawn on a server. This occurs if a player was in the match during the map switch but did not spawn during the staging phase. Players will now always spawn with full ammo on their first-ever spawn on that match.


  • Fixed players spawning on the roof of the Insurgent HAB.


  • Fixed an issue with the radial menu when a player would Left click and then become stuck while opening and closing the radial menu.


  • Adjusted visibility of underwater post-processing volume – players will no longer be able to see far ahead while underwater.
  • Adjusted player collision on Norwayspruce_Large02.
  • Improved the accuracy of the collisions on all Populus Euphratica trees.
  • Fixed missing collisions on multiple ME Prefabs of the rooftop Water Container.
  • Fixed incorrect LOD material and pushed out Proxy LOD on Market Buildings.
  • Fixed some missing faces on the static Hiace van/minibus.
  • Fixed DF resolution of middle eastern drapes
  • Fixed player collision on ME_UrbRes_Bld_Lg_02 which allowed players to slightly clip thru walls.


  • Fixed an exploit that allowed a Player that got kicked from a squad while incapacitated to keep that kit instead of being given the Recruit kit.
  • Fixed an issue with EAC kicking players on certain servers unintentionally.


Al Basrah

  • Fixed floating foliage in the out of bounds surrounding landscape.
  • Al Basrah Invasion v2 – Fixed GB Helicopter pad being partially outside map boundary.


  • Fixed missing wood material of the grand temple.
  • Adjusted spline segments to avoid aggressive deformation of mud walls.
  • Adjusted LODs on loam wall set to use custom screen size and reduction, to prevent distortion when used on splines.

Fool’s Road

  • Fixed materials on pieces of the underground tunnel,  including cables, pipes and chain link fence.
  • Fixed a road edge above the terrain in grid F3-9-7.
  • Fixed floating roads in grids E2-7-7, E2-5-9, F2-4-1, C5-6-6, B3-3-4, A5-6-4, D5-7-2.
  • Fixed a floating shed at grid B2-5-2.
  • Fixed floating rocks at grid B6-7-4 & A2-2-6.
  • Fixed a concrete floor that had stretched / blurry texture at Fortress POI.
  • Fixed a floating tree, tree trunk, and boulder in grid D4-9-3.
  • Fixed a bunker that had a high floor that Required jumping to enter at grid B1-1-1.


  • CAF Gorodok RAAS v1 – Fixed incorrect Collisions on Helipads, Protection Zones and Capture Zones.

Lashkar Valley

  • Optimized the Tamarix shrub types, reducing from 5 types to 1 for performance.
  • Fixed the harsh brightness transition on scoped weapons on certain Lashkar lighting layers by adjusting vignette settings.
  • Fixed a missing end post on a wall grid F5-5-2.
  • Removed a bugged burnt shipping container from grid K11-8-6.
  • Removed the mysterious spherical invisible object from the sky above the Vineyard POI.
  • Lashkar Valley RAAS v1 – Fixed incorrect Collisions on Helipads, Protection Zones and Capture Zones.


  • Added blocking volume to prevent players from glitching through the tunnel roof.

Manic-5 (CAF)

  • Fixed the deepwater damage volume not working
  • Fixed the damage volume that prevents players from sliding down the side of the dam.
  • Fixed a few floating objects.


  • Fixed floating road at grid E7-5-8.
  • Fixed a missing post on a wall.
  • Fixed various floating barricades.
  • Fixed an urban building that had a bugged staircase leading to nowhere.

Nanisivik (CAF)

  • CAF Nanisivik Invasion v1 – Fixed incorrect Collisions on Helipads, Protection Zones and Capture Zones.


  • Fixed materials on sidewalks at US Main that was causing Z-fighting (flickering textures).
  • Fixed certain Bus Stops having flickering glass in grid F4-2-4.
  • Fixed the water damage volume not being aligned to the waterline.
  • Adjusted the collision on the Train Depot staircase to be more accurate.


  • Fixed the water damage volume not being aligned to the waterline.
  • Fixed Silo door trapping players at grid R14-5-9.
  • Fixed floating ammo boxes at grid R13-1-8.


  • Fixed the floating grass in various locations around Yehorivka.