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Graphics Settings Menu Rework and new Rendering Features

Overhauled the Graphics Settings menu and added new graphics rendering features. This was designed from the ground-up to minimize the gameplay advantages of using one quality setting over another. It includes more granular options, new rendering features, and higher overall fidelity, with a focus on optimization.

Detailed Graphics Settings changes below:

  • A Screen Percentage slider has been added, allowing players to scale their resolution from 50% to 200%. This replaces the old SuperSampling option.
  • Moved the “Max FPS” slider setting from the Game Settings tab to the Graphics Settings tab.
  • Added “Menu Max FPS” slider setting to limit FPS in the Main Menu. Previously this was uncapped and could cause the system to work extra hard at rendering the menu scene, which meant hardware could reach thermal limits before actually getting in-game.
  • Optimized the master Low, Medium, High, Epic graphics presets.
  • Replaced blurry FXAA and TAA options with an improved TAA implementation. Quality is now tweakable. We have tuned the AA settings to keep a smooth image while in motion with minimal stepping and blurring. Combine with the Screen Sharpening slider for best results.
  • Improved the TAA support of dithering post-processing shaders used on things like roadsides.
  • Reworked and optimized shadow settings. Close-range shadows are now enabled at all quality levels. The new quality levels for shadows are:
    • Low: 1 Cascade Shadow Map (CSMs) Low Res shadow map
    • Med: 2 CSM cascades Mid Res shadow map
    • High: 3 CSM cascades High Res shadow map
    • Epic: 4 CSM cascades, with improved filtering quality. Ultra Res shadow map
  • Contact Shadows have been added as a high-end option. They greatly improve the quality of small detail shadows in the environment when enabled, such as on small rocks and individual blades of grass.
  • Improved the scaling of texture streaming, allowing the user to have better control over how much VRAM is dedicated to textures, with a visual representation of the texture pool size relative to the total memory available on their hardware. This change should be a massive help for lower-spec cards, allowing you to free up more room on the GPU, rather than having a fixed texture pool size.
  • Reworked many texture mip settings to improve visual quality at both low and high settings.
  • Added a texture Anisotropic Filtering slider.
  • Added Post Processing submenu. It includes the motion blur slider, screen sharpening slider, lens flare toggle, and 3 new settings: Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation.
  • Enabled Screen Space Reflections at High and Epic Post Process Quality.
  • Rewrote the Screen Sharpening effect. The sharpening has been designed to get more detail to pop out of textures and micro detail in the game, while compensating for TAA blur.
  • Motion Blur is now scalable via a slider.
  • Bloom is now forced on to prevent exploiting differences in fog brightness.
  • Added a Colour Grading submenu. It includes 3 new settings: Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation. These settings should allow players to customize the image’s look to their preferences.
  • The Gamma slider has been replaced with a Brightness slider, which makes the fog-gamma exploit more difficult.
  • Added tooltips to all Graphics settings options.

Network Optimization for Vehicles with Closed Turrets and Helicopters

  • Extensive network optimization pass on Vehicle Turrets. This provides a significant improvement to network bandwidth usage, which leaves more headroom to replicate things like character and vehicle movement.
  • Extensive network optimization pass on Helicopters. This has greatly improved the smoothness of helicopter movement replication for passengers and observers on the ground. It’s not perfect, of course, so we look forward to your feedback.

Performance Optimizations

  • Overhauled Texture Streaming behavior, greatly reducing graphics memory usage. This has allowed us to increase the quality of many character, weapon, and vehicle textures, while simultaneously improving performance.
  • Removed Mesh Distance Fields from all movable objects, such as vehicles and weapons. This allows better caching of Distance Fields, reducing GPU load.
  • Disabled Mesh Distance Field on a lot of small foliage (trees, scatter/debris meshes). This should improve performance for maps when Ambient Occlusion and/or Far Shadows are enabled.
  • Optimized Mesh Distance Field resolutions for large foliage.
  • Optimized Lashkar Valley, Kamdesh, Mestia, and Skorpo by setting more aggressive cull distances on pine trees.
  • Optimized rock walls, coal piles, and other assets by removing unnecessary tessellation.
  • Optimized grass post-process shader by reducing unnecessary complexity by up to 80%.
  • Optimized skybox lighting.
  • Optimized TOW discard effect.
  • Optimized and fixed some issues with Impostor post-process shader (distant trees).
  • Optimized vehicle smoke generator effects.

Added support for Steelseries GameSense LED lighting

  • Squad now takes advantage of customized GameSense LED lighting for all compatible Steelseries hardware.
  • There is a plethora of in-game data that could be visualized using LED lighting, such as health, ammo, voice transmission events, low ammo, low health, low stamina warnings
  • While Squad does provide default illumination profile only for keyboards, you still will be able to reconfigure it and even add profiles for other device types, such as headsets, mouses, mouse pads, etc. using Steelseries Engine software.


HAB Spawn Activation Delay

This new feature for the HAB includes an Activation Delay timer before a HAB is ready to be spawned.

  • There are 3 ways that a HAB Spawn point can be affected in Squad, all 3 will incur an activation delay timer. The current activation delay time is 10 seconds, this timing may be adjusted in future updates.
  • The HAB Activation “delay to spawn” is indicated on the HUD around the HAB icon, in the form of a circular progress bar (similar to a medic health bar). This will be displayed on the Command map screen as well in a future update. This HAB Activation delay indicator is only visible when a delay is counting down.
  • “Spawn is Activating” text will be displayed when the spawn delay is counting down and the delay indicator is visible on the HUD when within range of that FOB.
  • The intention behind this Spawn activation delay is designed to change the spawn dynamics surrounding HAB’s, to incentivize more planning, and reduce the amount of “Teleportation hopping” that occurs with newly built HAB’s. This delay is primarily intended to prevent instantaneous spawning off the HAB.
  • This also is intended to incentivize the defense of FOB/HAB to be less about spawn intensity, and more about positioning and overall area control.
  • This is intended to prevent teams from abusing the spawn system via instantly spawning on a newly created HAB, and to encourage players to defend the HAB for a short period upon completion to ensure the spawn point becomes active.
  • These changes will also give opponents a bit of breathing room and time to secure the area after overrunning a HAB or partially destroying it without fear of having enemies spawn back in the moment the HAB is rebuilt to the threshold or when enough players have either left or are killed within the HAB overrun proximity radius.
  • This change, in combination with the next update that will contain the HAB Proximity Disable Scaling feature, is an intentional Design decision to adjust the pacing and gameplay surrounding the usage of the HAB’s Spawns, and their impact on the flow of the gameplay.

Helicopter Flight Improvements

  • Rewrote large parts of the helicopter flight model, and tuned it to create a smoother and more realistic experience. More tweaks will be made in future patches.
  • Unified acceleration calculations for all phases of flight. Handling should be more natural and consistent throughout the entire flight envelope.
  • Mitigated the “see-saw” effect and reduced sudden acceleration at low speeds by adjusting the X-axis acceleration curve.
  • Improved energy retention through high-speed turns.
  • Made it easier to achieve the helicopter’s maximum speed.
  • Rotor efficiency now scales depending on flight conditions. Rotor power is multiplied up to 1.3x when meeting the air at a high angle of incidence (J-turns and steep flares) or when traveling at high speeds (Translational Lift).
  • Reworked “weathervane” effect to ensure the helicopter always settles nose-first.
  • Reduced residual thrust when the engine is disabled, forcing (survivable) crash landings.
  • Increased Pitch, Roll, and Yaw sensitivity.  
  • Fixed weird weathervaning behavior caused by helicopter inertia calculation not accounting for the change in rotation between frames.

Deployables Refund mechanic

  • Refunds 80% of the placed deployable cost, if it was dug down without being built fully after placement. This mechanic is intended to reduce the penalty for accidental bad placement of the deployables.

Infantry Kits Refund mechanic

  • Refunds 80% of the ammo cost of the Players previous role when changing roles at an ammo crate. Should not refund ammo for weapons/magazines which have been expended.
  • Refunds ammo when a kit role is changed from FOB ammo crates or vehicles.
  • It will technically be possible for the total ammo in an ammo source to increase if the player goes from a high-cost role to a low-cost role.

Main Base Protection Zone QoL Update

  • Updated the Main Base Protection Zone to prevent friendly infantry and vehicles from being able to fire weapons. Infantry will still be able to use medkits, bandages and repair tools inside the Protection Zone.
  • The design intention with this change is to remove the amount of excessive distraction at the Main Base, especially during Staging Phase.

AAS & RAAS Ticket Changes

  • Adjusted RAAS & AAS Ticket Gain and Ticket Loss for Flag Capture to +60 and -10 (was +50 -20). This is intended to help losing teams make a comeback if they successfully counterattack a lost Capture Point, and also to encourage proper logistics planning to hold points that are captured.

Body Dragging Tweaks

  • Improved the responsiveness of body dragging by doubling the trace size and increasing the angle limit. This should allow players to more easily grab bodies and not have them auto-drop as easily. Note that you still have to look directly at a body for the “press F to drag” prompt to appear, but triggering the prompt is not necessary for the drag command to work.


Mosin Nagant
RPD Light Machine Gun
  • Added new weapon: INS Mosin Nagant – 3 variants: Carbine with Irons, Full Length with Irons, and PU-1 Magnified Scope option. Can be reloaded via single cartridges or stripper clip.
  • Added new weapon: INS RPD Light Machine Gun – a classic 7.62x39mm machine gun with some serious firepower.
  • Added new weapon: RUS RPG28 Heavy Anti-Tank – a modern disposable anti-tank rocket launcher utilizing a massive 125mm Tandem HEAT warhead at a much flatter trajectory, capable of devastating enemy armor. Comes equipped with an optic and can be ranged out to 500 meters.
  • Added new weapon: GB NLAW Heavy Anti-Tank – a modern semi-smart, fire & forget Anti-Tank missile system, the warhead uses PLOS – Predicted Line of Sight. You can switch between “Direct Attack” and “PLOS” weapon modes by pressing the X (adjust sights) key. PLOS mode will track your mouse velocity for 2-3 seconds, which will program the missile. Once fired, the missile will continuously turn to follow the velocity you programmed.
  • Added new Canadian weapon variants: C7A2 and C8A3 Foregrip variants, C7A2+Iron-sights, C7A2+Eotech, C8A3+Iron-sights, C8A3+ M203+C79A2 Elcan.


  • Updated all Infantry Rifle Aimpoint optic shaders: Adjusted the reticle size for authenticity. Adjusted brightness, color, and lens tint. Added improved lens effects. Implemented physically accurate parallax effect. Affects the following Aimpoint sights:
    • CAF Eotech
    • USA/MIL M68
    • MEA Z-Point
    • RUS 1p63
  • Updated the following CAF Kit Role Primary weapons:
    • CAF Crewman – C8A3 w/ iron sight
    • CAF Engineer – C7A2 w/ C79A2 w/ 4 mags
    • CAF Grenadier – C8A3 M203 w/ C79A2
    • CAF Combat Medic 01 -C7A2 w/ iron sight
    • CAF Pilot – C8A3 w/ iron sight
    • CAF Rifleman 02 – C7A2 with Eotech
    • CAF Rifleman 03 – C7A2 w/ C79A2
    • CAF SL Crewman – C8A3 w/ iron sight
    • CAF SL Pilot – C8A3 w/ iron sight
  • Updated all AT Weapons with a more pronounced frontal muzzle flash, as well as a slight recoil upon firing.
  • Updated the AK-74 firing sounds to be more authentic.
  • Updated the GB L85A2 Rifle with a new magnified optic: Elcan 4x LDS Scope.
  • Updated several CAF Rifle Variants to use the new Foregrip attachment.
  • Updated several CAF Rifles and Machine Guns to use the new cosmetic/aesthetic-only PEQ unit.
  • Updated the SKS to now use single-round reloading. This means when reloading from a totally empty state, the SKS will be reloaded with a stripper clip; when reloading from a partial empty, the SKS will be reloaded with single rounds.
  • Updated Machine Gunner kit limits – these kits are now restricted to 1 kit per Squad for all factions (previously 2 MG kits were allowed per Squad). The Max limit per team is unchanged and is still 2 per team.
  • Updated RUS HAT 02 Kit Role to now have 4 mags for AK74M + 1P78.
  • Updated GB HAT 02 Kit Role to now have 4 mags for L85A2 + SUSAT.
  • Updated the 1st person bounds on the RPG26 and M72A7.
  • Updated the RPG26 label texture for better accuracy and authenticity.
  • Updated the 3p firing animation on all larger caliber weapons and pistols to be larger and more visually apparent.
  • Updated the appropriate AT weapons to now include an added cap ejection particle emitter upon firing.
  • Updated IED phone detonator to improve the look of the phone screen.
  • Updated LODs on a large number of CAF weapon assets.
  • Updated the knife swing sounds on the SA80 Bayonet.
  • Updated the PGO7 and 1p88 SVDM reticles to have thicker lines to reduce blur.
  • Updated VFX for Grenade, Frag, and UGL explosions to have better overdraw performance and improved the visual fidelity.
  • Updated the Kit Role select mouse-over tooltips to be more descriptive. Tooltips should now always explain why a kit is unavailable, starting with the most restrictive ruleset.
  • Adjusted CAF Medic 02 (C7A2 + C79A2 Elcan) inventory with the removal of Frag grenade.
  • Adjusted Militia Rifleman loadouts slightly. MIL Rifleman 01 – Swapped to FN FAL. MIL Rifleman 02 – Swapped to AK74. MIL Rifleman 04 – Makarov 2 mags.
  • Adjusted the US Army African American model to have less of a rusty/red look.
  • Adjusted the sight picture for RPG-7v2, to make the aim for Tandem rounds more accurate and not fall short before the target.
  • Adjusted the VZ61 default ViewModel position.
  • Adjusted the zoom timing on the CAF Eotech C8 to match that of the M4 M68.
  • Updated sound cue placement on the M4 series weapons.
  • Adjusted the root position of the CAF Bayonet 2000.
  • Adjusted M68 Aimpoint centering position to make the dot more visible.
  • Adjusted GB team image to include new Elcan LDS, NLAW, and FV520 CTAS IFV.
  • Adjusted INS Team Image to include new Modern Technical.
  • Adjusted the CAF sniper kit to use the new sniper HUD icon.
  • Fixed UGL smoke being invisible to proxy clients.
  • Fixed an issue with the M4 UGL founders edition having too many smoke rounds.
  • Fixed an issue with the RUS 1p78 Scope zeroing at 400m being slightly off.
  • Fixed the damage setup on AT-4 (both HEAT and High Penetration HEAT), M3 MAAWS Tandem, NLAW, RPG-29, RPG-7 Tandem. Now damage should correctly scale with distance from explosion origin.
  • Fixed an issue where CAF/USA/GB/MEA soldier goggles and glasses were sometimes visible through the smoke.
  • Fixed an issue with the CAF Eotech reticle size being dependent on resolution.
  • Fixed CAF Eotech meshes UVs causing artifacts.
  • Fixed an issue with the US Army Machine Gunner soldier model having double flags on his arms.
  • Fixed an issue with the Empty / Spent Rocket throw ejections spawning backward from the animation.
  • Fixed an issue with the RPG7V2 HEAT playing reload animation and still being empty at the end.
  • Fixed an issue with Bipods where Players could deploy the bipod on otherwise inaccessible ledges by jumping.
  • Fixed the G3 Drum Mag optic FOV becoming significantly decreased when modifying zeroing.
  • Fixed an issue with certain Smoke grenades having their smoke effect reset upon changing the Effects detail level in Graphics Options.
  • Fixed a weird issue with CAF soldier’s arm twisting while holding the C14 Sniper Rifle.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the scale of the CAF C8A3 Rifle & fixed the ammunition model on the magazine.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the barrel length proportions on the CAF C8A3 M203, which should now better reflect the model in-use by CAF.
  • Fixed an issue with GB Pilots not using the correct skeletal mesh.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the position of the C7A2 Elcan sight to prevent excessive clipping of the hand into the foregrip.
  • Fixed a minor issue with CAF C7 rifles not having a sound when they change fire modes.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the CAF SL Kits missing “Tracer” from the display name.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the MEA Engineer sandbag color to have only tan sandbags like the other MEA deployables.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the mesh bounds on the Field Dressing to prevent the mesh flickering occasionally.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the CAF Marksman having bad skinning on the back of their heads.
  • Fixed some minor skinning issues on the RUS Crewman.
  • Fixed a potential exploit with bipods that would allow players to climb to ledges that are not normally accessible.
  • Fixed an issue with the rangefinder on the RUS Tigr-M RWS turret. Now it should correctly display the ranging past 999m (correct display value is —, as it is not supposed to range further than 1km)
  • Fixed an issue with CAF C7 rifles not having a sound when they change fire modes.


Enforcer RWS
  • Added new Vehicles: INS Modern Technicals – 9 variants: DShK, M2, BMP1, Mortar, UB32, ZU23, SPG9, Logi, Transport.
  • Added a new ‘Alternate’ INS Technical (found on Fallujah Invasion v1, v2, v3).
  • Added a new Vehicle: GB FV107 Recon Vehicle – a new class of vehicle, this is a light & fast armored recon vehicle, similar to the Russian-made BRDM-2 Scout car, but with more armor and firepower.
  • Added a new Vehicle: GB LPPV Armored Jeep – 2 variants – GB gets a highly mobile light attack vehicle, serving as counterpart to M-ATV and Tigr. It comes in 2 versions, with a remotely operated turret and a dual LMG open turret!
  • Added a new Vehicle: GB FV520UA CTAS IFV – GB gets an upgrade package for the aged FV510 IFV with modern features like stabilization and increased firepower with a new high rate of fire 40mm autocannon! This is the latest cutting-edge modern IFV that GB is deploying, which is supplementing the older FV510 variants, but not completely replacing them.
  • Added a new Vehicle: GB SA330 Transport Helicopter – GB now gets their own unique helicopter. This is a powerful and agile helicopter with similar lift capabilities as the UH60M, but with slightly more construction & ammo capacity.
  • Added C6A1 RWS Variant for the TAPV.
  • Added a new unique Remote Weapon Station for several GB vehicles that apply.


  • Updated the RUS BTR-82A & RUS BMP-2 to use modern Russian 3UBR8 APCR projectiles. Note: MEA BMP-2 still uses the older 3UBR6 AP round..


Updated Commander SU-25 Airstrike:

  • Fixed a bug where a non-armored vehicle did not receive splash damage. No additional damage value changes were made.
  • Decreased explosive radius: base damage within 3 meters, falls off to zero in 12 meters radius.
  • Decreased trace range after penetration to prevent one-hit kills of armored vehicles.

Updated Commander A-10 Airstrike

  • Decreased impact damage and explosive base damage.
  • Decreased explosive radius: base damage within 3 meters, falls off to zero in 10 meters radius.
  • Decreased trace range after penetration to prevent one-hit kills of armored vehicles.
  • Radiuses of both airstrikes have been nerfed at almost the same rate. Previously the radiuses were identical and now SU-25 has a slightly bigger outer radius. SU-25 damage hasn’t changed, A-10 damage has been nerfed.
  • Gameplay Intention with these changes is to still allow the splash damage and radius of both airstrikes to be very effective against HABs. The decreased radius would require shorter runs to destroy HABs.
  • Previously A-10 had the same damage and radius as SU-25 but has more projectiles (roughly 25 vs 50) so it could cover more ground with the same amount of damage. Because we kept the radiuses about the same, we decreased projectile damage for A-10. It should be still possible to destroy a HAB with one run.
  • Fixed an issue with artillery impacts on some Physmats causing unintended ricochet flyby sound effects.


  • Added new and improved Streamer Support Option to the Settings Menu (these can be turned on and off individually):
    • Hide Server name from Score Screen (Tab)
    • Hide all but current Squad names from Command Menu / Spawn Menu.
    • Hide Server name from End of Game Screen
    • Hide Server Information from Faction Select Screen ( Server Title, Rules
    • Hide Automated Server Broadcast messages
    • Override Squad custom names with Squad 1, 2, etc…
    • Hide Player names in Command Menu / Spawn Select Menu.
    • Hide all names on Score Screen.
  • Added new loading screen images for all maps. Note: currently loading screens will only be displayed when first loading into a server. Upon map change, the loading screen will not be displayed. This will hopefully be rectified in a future update.  
  • Updated the Command Menu Vehicle List to now include active spawn timers for all vehicles on your team. When a vehicle is destroyed, the vehicle list will now show the spawn time actively count down until the vehicle spawns. “Single-Use” vehicles (seen on Invasion Game Mode) will be displayed in gray to indicate they do not respawn.
  • Updated Server Browser to show currently loaded Factions, Unit Types (mostly Combined Arms until we add new types and Generic Layers), and time since match start.
  • Fixed an issue with the Server Browser Favorites not saving properly. This will only work currently on licensed server. The in-game tooltip is outdated and does not reflect that.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the MEA radial menu Deployables button having the wrong tooltip text.
  • Audio Settings now has a droplist for selecting input/output devices
  • Removed a redundant slider in Game Settings that caps the maximum FPS
  • Added a separate slider in Graphics Settings to cap the maximum FPS while in the menu


  • Added New Admin Tools for managing teamkills and observing problem players.

Finished[ | ]

NEW MAP: GOOSE BAY -> Goose Bay[ | ]

  • Located on the Labrador coast between Lake Melville and the Churchill River, Happy Valley-Goose Bay is the largest population center in the region. Canadian Forces Base Goose Bay is the home of 5 Wing of the Royal Canadian Air Force; its aircraft provide airspace defense to a large portion of Canada’s Northeastern territory.
  • This map replaces Nanisivik; providing an immersive, polar environment with vehicle warfare and an improved experience for infantry gameplay.


  • Adjusted the Mortar Ammo Cost for HE rounds to 40 (was 25). Smoke Round cost is unaffected. -> Mortar
  • Adjusted the construction costs for HESCO defenses: -> Deployables
    • HESCO Block: 100 (was 150)
    • HESCO Bunker: 300 (was 500)
    • HESCO Wall: 400 (was 500)
    • HMG Bunker: 400 (was 500)

No Wiki Change Neccessary[ | ]

Map Layer Overhaul Phase 1

  • Greatly reduced loading times for all maps and layers.
  • This feature lays the groundwork for more asymmetric sub-factions, with great variety in vehicle/kit/deployable composition and count. It also makes possible many smaller features like the improved Command Map Vehicle List.


  • Updated all BTR82/BMP-2 HE weapons to now fire tracer rounds on each shot, instead of the regular-tracer-regular pattern.
  • Updated the RUS/MEA T72B3 MBT cupola and MG mount armor: Increased to 200mm thickness, which will now prevent penetration by all autocannons.
  • Updated the USA BFV IFV Target Reticle cosmetics for better authenticity: red instead of a green reticle, TOW reticle has narrow and wide field of views, weapon names are now displayed as AP, HE, TOW, 7.62, and Smoke.
  • Adjusted the RUS Kamaz Truck engine hitpoints: Increased from 600 to 1500.
  • Updated the CAF LUV-A1 utility vehicle with unique engine sounds.
  • Updated the ZU23 Anti Air Gun to be more potent against air targets: increased temperature shutdown threshold and increased cooling speed. Enabled radial kinetic damage incoming for helicopters. Increased modifier on radial kinetic damage on helicopters up. Radial kinetic damage is applied for helicopters only on direct hits.
  • Updated CAF LAV6 IFV’s exterior decoration to use CAF backpacks instead of GB.
  • Updated CAF Leo2A6 MBT driver to now be able to see through the left viewport.
  • Updated the collisions for the MG3, PKP, and M240 door guns and open turrets.
  • Updated UH60M Helicopter with clean glass material.
  • Adjusted the US UH60 Helicopter ammo/construction split from 500/500 to 400/600.
  • Adjusted the following AAS map layers to have a 6min initial delay for Helicopters: Kohat AAS v1,  Kohat AAS v2, Lashkar Valley AAS v1, AAS v2, Skorpo AAS v1, Yehorivka AAS v1 & AAS v2. This is to reduce the repetitive nature of AAS helicopter tactics.
  • Adjusted many map layers to have reduced numbers of BRDM-2 Spandrel.
  • Adjusted the initial delay for MBTs on most map layers to 15min (was 20min).
  • Adjusted the BMP-2 IFV gunner to no longer have turret rotation sounds.
  • Adjusted the camera shake on several turret weapons.
  • Adjusted collisions to be more accurate for the MG3, PKP, and M240 door guns and open turrets.
  • Adjusted more vehicle turrets to remove the annoying rotation turning audio effects.
  • Adjusted M2 Turret base pose to improve the look.
  • Adjusted excessive bloom effect on BTR80 & BR82A APC passenger’s viewports.
  • Adjusted MTLB, T62, FV432 & M1A2 driver and passenger viewports to use new glass material.
  • Adjusted all vehicles with multiple weapon selection keybinds to now have standardized keybinds for the different vehicle weapon types:
    • Weapon Selection 1: AP/Main Gun
    • Weapon Selection 2: HEAT
    • Weapon Selection 3: Coaxial MG
    • Weapon Selection 4: Smoke Launcher
    • Weapon Selection 5: ATGM
    • Weapon Selection 6: Special.
    • Exception: BMP1 uses HEAT instead of AP for Weapon Selection 1.
  • Fixed a collision issue for the CAF LAV6 IFV. The hull decoration elements were causing the vehicle to have double damage application due to the physmat, causing the LAV6 to have an unintended weak spot.
  • Fixed an exploit where the MATV engine could be destroyed by small arms when shooting it through the wheel well.
  • Fixed an issue with the MBT ammo rack component, which when damaged, took a very long time to repair at the repair depot. These components should now have a more acceptable repair time.
  • Fixed an issue where certain ATGM weapons didn’t have proper splash damage. This affected MATV TOW, BMP-2 & Spandrel Konkurs, BMP-1 Malyutka, Simir Kornet.
  • Fixed an issue with the INS BRDM2 having double vehicle wrecks.
  • Fixed an issue with the INS Spandrel using the RUS Spandrel vehicle wreck.
  • Fixed an issue with the DShK HMG 3p firing sounds which were incorrectly using an autocannon distant sound effect when using LOW audio settings.
  • Fixed an issue with the MEA Simir Jeep front wheels, when broken they were visually glitched at a 90-degree angle.
  • Fixed an issue with the MEA Simir Jeep engine SFX being too quiet for 3p listeners.
  • Fixed an issue with the MEA Simir Jeep where passengers could not hear any engine SFX.
  • Fixed an issue with the rangefinder on the RUS Tigr-M RWS turret. Now it should correctly display the ranging past 999m value as —, as 1km is the intended maximum range.
  • Fixed an issue with the RUS Tigr-M Armored Car driver launched smoke VFX not replicating to other players correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the RUS Tigr-M Armored Car front wheels not showing a destroyed state when they should be.
  • Fixed an issue with the GB FV4034 MBT Coax MG having an incorrect rate of fire and SFX.
  • Fixed some parts of T62 unintentionally using T72 armor thickness values.
  • Fixed an issue with the CAF Leo2A6 MBT loaders hatch being closed, which should be open for the loader’s turret gun.
  • Fixed an issue with mine explosion VFX not correctly displaying at distant LODs.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the CAF LAV6 IFV exterior bags not using the correct CAF backpacks (was using GB backpacks).
  • Fixed a minor visual issue with incorrect shading on the Ural Truck’s Interior dashboard.
  • Fixed a minor text issue with the RUS 2A42 & 2A72 HE weapons. They should now correctly reflect the used round type (3UOR6 30mm Fragmentation Tracer, instead of OT 30mm High Explosive Incendiary)


  • Fixed a potential exploit where players could potentially disable atmospheric fog on certain map layers.
  • Fixed a potential exploit that could detect concealed assets such as Radios/Habs or Rally points.


  • Fixed an issue with the FOB Radio bleed out indicator UI, in that it only started updating when the player entered the 300m radius of the FOB.
  • Fixed a collision issue with the Militia deployable Log Wall when trying to use a Bipod.


  • Updated Middle Eastern Rock collisions.
  • Updated the chain-link fence kit by optimizing material use, updating collisions, and standardizing LODs.
  • Updated fences and other flat surface objects to use a planar thickness shader to give a better appearance of having thickness.
  • Fixed the green large trash bin material appearing excessively polished, now looks less reflective and more matte.
  • Fixed an exploitable collision on the stairs of an industrial office building.
  • Fixed the collision of the rooftop on the small wooden office building.


  • Layer Overhaul has added new flexibility to the modding system, and a bunch of new requirements. Mod teams will need to update to have compatibility with v2.0/Layer Overhaul. See the full documentation here for more info.
  • Added a holo dot sight into the main Attachments folder.
  • Updated the currently unused L128A1 GB shotgun with a holo-dot sight mounted.
  • Fixed up animation settings on the unused Shotguns.


Misc Environment Fixes

  • Fixed a player collision issue on a European house that allowed players to vault through window frames.
  • Fixed collision settings on CAF street signs.
  • Updated player collisions on date palm trees and grapevines.
  • Fixed aircraft bunker trim material so it visually blends.
  • Fixed an issue with the wooden plywood building’s first story windows having bipod deployment issues

Al Basrah

  • Updated Al Basrah Airfield to have more detailing and better game flow for Invasion layers. Also expanded the helipad area and moved the radio antenna for improved helicopter landings.
  • Updated minimap.
  • Fixed an issue with a compound in which players could glitch a FOB Radio inside.
  • Fixed floating roads and fence materials.
  • Fixed log spam caused by texture issue.
  • Fixed Commander enabled on Skirmish layers.


  • Optimized landscape under tunnel POI.
  • Fixed a rock lacking the correct collision at grid J3-6-1.
  • Fixed a house having misaligned stairs at grid C5-7-3.
  • Fixed a floating dirt road in grid L1-2-4.
  • Fixed a gas cylinder clipping into the wall in a bunker at grid E5-6-3.
  • Fixed floating grass at grid L3-2-7.
  • Fixed a bunker’s sandbags blocking bipod weapons at grid E5-2-5.
  • Fixed several other minor bugs, including the collision of small rocks and fixing of misplaced objects.
  • CAF Belaya AAS v1: Rebalanced vehicles.


  • Optimized crops, poppies, and bushes by disabling DF shadows. Close shadows are still enabled for poppies since the map is very poppy-centric.
  • Fixed several issues with wall irregularities and gaps.
  • Fixed water collisions.


  • Updated the underground sewer system to remove water planes, waterfalls and water sound to fix some issues and improve performance.  Extended sewer system.
  • Replaced ladders in the sewer system with other options that still provide player movement.
  • Adjusted the pain volume at the Crossroads POI.
  • Adjusted the minimap coloring.
  • Fixed an issue with a rock seam showing NW of Mualimin.
  • Fixed several minor issues: exposed rock seams, misaligned doors, ceiling collisions on the Fallujah Police Station.
  • Fixed an issue with the collisions on the rooftop water tanks.
  • Fixed an issue with the damage taken from environmental fire not corresponding with the distance from the fire.
  • Fixed some player collision issues on three MiddleEast urban buildings.
  • Fixed an issue where certain roads would cause vehicles to experience slower speeds than intended.
  • Fixed an issue with floating rocks and grass.
  • Fixed an issue with steps clipping through stairs on a Middle Eastern building static.
  • Fixed the lack of collision on the tree planters near the Bus Terminal POI.
  • Fixed an issue with sewer grates clipping motorcycles.
  • Fixed an issue with debris decals being inherited by vehicles at various locations.
  • Fixed an issue with the ground near the bridge causing vehicle clipping.
  • Fixed an issue with rocks at Al-Khadra mosque.
  • Fixed the collision of several dead trees.
  • Fixed a Tomb in the cemetery that didn’t have the correct bullet collision.
  • Fixed an issue with various rock collisions which would allow players to see/shoot/fall through certain rocks.
  • Fixed an issue with floating road edges and ground clutter.
  • Fixed the collision on a Middle Eastern garage building to include the ramps.
  • Fixed a glass refraction artifact on environment static bus.
  • Fallujah Invasion v1,v2,v3: Fixed INS not being able to lean inside their Main protection zone.

Fool’s Road

  • Optimized small foliage and wheat fields by disabling cascade shadows. The new Contact Shadows feature can still render shadows from these objects.
  • Optimized small pine asset by disabling Mesh Distance Fields.
  • Updated foliage to use a non-blended version to prevent once and for all the black grass issues.
  • Fixed player collisions on the framed windows of the European village houses, which previously allowed players to vault through the window frame, which was not intended.
  • Fixed various minor issues: a floating road, floating trees, removed glitched guard rails, improper roof collision on a barn.
  • Fixed an issue with the player collision on a Barn allowing players to clip through the roof.
  • Fixed a floating road from A2-6-8 to B2-4-2.
  • Fixed a minor issue with a floating tree in grid B3-7-5.
  • Fixed a minor issue with a floating guard rail along the northern Highway.


  • Fixed water collisions.

Jensen’s Range

  • Fixed z-fighting walls and sidewalks.
  • Fixed an issue with the MOUT area that was causing invisible collisions.


  • Updated FOB Grace POI with improved helipad locations.
  • Fixed floating tire stacks at grid G9-6-2.
  • Fixed an issue at grid H8-3-8 with a low awning over the doorway which required players to crouch to enter.
  • Optimized small foliage by disabling DF shadows.
  • Fixed an issue with a floating road in grid E3-3-6.
  • Fixed several other minor bugs.


  • Fixed floating and misaligned meshes.


  • Updated FOB Connoly to swap vehicle bunkers with vehicle tents.
  • Fixed an issue with collisions around the waterfalls in the center of the map.
  • Fixed a low wall missing end face in grid N6-8-2.
  • Fixed several other minor bugs.

Lashkar Valley

  • Fixed an issue with the river having an incorrect collision type.
  • Optimized small foliage and crop fields by disabling DF shadows.


  • Optimized small foliage and crop fields by disabling DF shadows.
  • Adjusted foliage cull distances for improved performance.
  • Adjusted DF resolution on some merged compounds to fix artifacts.
  • Fixed various minor bugs such as floating trash, bushes inside buildings, doorway with bad collisions.
  • Fixed a minor issue with flickering rug textures on the floor of Afghan compound buildings at grid C4-9-9.
  • Fixed a collision issue with foliage.
  • Fixed a minor issue causing players to not be able to crawl underneath a sheet metal door at grid D5-7-7.
  • Fixed a minor issue with various floating trash on the roads at grid D5-7-7.
  • Fixed a minor issue with flickering shrubs in grid C3-2-3.
  • Fixed a minor issue with a bush sticking thru a building at grid D4-4-7.
  • Fixed collision type on foliage.
  • Fixed Floating Repair Stations on Logar Valley AAS v1, AAS v2, TC v1.
  • Logar AAS v1: Updated the teams to now be RUS vs MEA.


  • Fixed issues with wall graffiti causing z-fighting.

Manic-5 (CAF)

  • Updated the DF shadows for pine trees.
  • Updated the main river to remove deep spots where players could hide while prone
  • Adjusted the number of barriers on the dam to allow vehicles to travel more freely,
  • Fixed an issue with the oil pipeline assets showing bad LOD at longer ranges.
  • Fixed an issue regarding vehicle collision with street signs.
  • Fixed an issue with an old lake still appearing on the minimap.
  • Fixed several floating buildings.
  • Fixed several bad rock faces.
  • Fixed several floating objects.
  • Fixed the minimap to remove an old lake that has dried up.


  • Optimized small foliage and crop fields by disabling DF shadows.

Nanisivik (CAF)

  • Retired this map due to low player satisfaction.  The map has been reborn as “Goose Bay”.


  • Optimized small foliage and crop fields by disabling DF shadows.
  • Fixed an exploitable collision on the exterior wall of the apartment building interior doors.
  • Fixed a concrete wall used on Narva and other maps which were missing bullet collision.
  • Fixed an issue with the hospital building not having the correct color when looking at it from a distance, it now has proper yellow-colored LODs.
  • Fixed the semi-truck trailers by replacing out-dated variants with an improved trailer flatbed.
  • Fixed a sidewalk with bad material reference.

Tallil Outskirts

  • Updated road meshes in the city and added more crater detailing.
  • Fixed a building cluster with a clipped wall in grid K6-4-6.
  • Fixed a building cluster to remove doors blocking an enterable room in grid L6-5-5.
  • Fixed the floor collision on a building in grid G4-3-2.
  • Fixed an issue with the plywood office building’s first-story windows causing bipods to not deploy correctly.
  • Fixed the Talill Outskirts Mid Daylighting causing a blue smoke issue.
  • Fixed an issue with a date palm tree and grapevines having incorrect player collision causing some collision issues.
  • Tallil RAAS v1: Set factions to USA vs MEA using Air Assault sub-factions (6 heli per team).
  • Tallil Invasion v3: Moved INS secondary Main Base to be located on the northeast edge of the map, in order for it to be out of the combat area.


  • Updated Infantry Tutorial with MEA character board and vehicle boards.
  • Fixed an issue with the Infantry Tutorial where two voiceovers would get triggered at the same time inside the Motherbase.


  • Fixed an issue with several large river rocks not having player collision.
  • Fixed a floating rock in grid Q16-9-1.
  • Fixed mud having an inverted normal map.
  • Fixed an issue with a small pond that could hide players with no damage volume at grid D9-5-8.
  • Fixed an issue with the collision missing on a building near Heyroysund.
  • Fixed an issue with floating statics and unintended statics under the terrain on several gameplay layers.
  • Fixed several other minor bugs.


  • Optimized small foliage and crop fields by disabling DF shadows.


  • Fixed water collisions.
  • Fixed wrong materials on merged houses and fixed floating bush.
  • Yehorivka: Skorpo Skirmish v1 and AAS v1: Fixed US main base protection zone collision overlapping the water.