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This page is a Wiki Project. This wiki project is listed on the task sheet under ID 038.

Aim of this Wiki Project[]

Update the entire Squad Wiki to the current version v11 of Squad. Updating the most important parts of v11 takes higher priority than finishing the v10 update.

See all Release Versions.


  • 2018-05-04: Squad version 11.0 was released - full release notes, watch the release trailer.
  • 2018-05-04: Created the wiki project page. More details will follow soon-ish. Meanwhile, feel free to get started anyway.
  • 2018-05-06: Added changelogs (removed items unnecessary for the wiki); added workflow
  • 2018-05-21: Squad version 11.1 was released - full release notes.
  • 2018-06-16: Squad version 11.2 was released - full release notes.


As we did with v10, we continue to format and workflow for the v11 update. This process is not perfect, so please make suggestions if you have any. For now, it is at least some form of structure that shows us what we have done and what is still missing from the changelogs.

  1. From section #Not yet finished, pick a changelog line you want to work on. Update the wiki according to the changelog. Maybe more than one page will be affected by one changelog line - so you have to know the wiki pages to find all the places that might need updating. If unsure, ask Usgu. some suggestions where changelogs should go on the wiki have been added. Also, apply some thought how and where to best include the new information on the wiki.
  2. When you are done, move the changelog line to section #Already finished. Please also list the wiki pages you have updated for this changelog.
  3. If you find changelog line does has no effect on the wiki, just remove the line entirely. We combed through the changlogs to eliminate those, but maybe some have missed.


Not yet finished[]


  • Soldier bodies now despawn from the game world when the owning player respawns, greatly cleaning up the number of expensive dead bodies on the field. (Main bases now require a 30 second spawn time to ensure that the killer has a chance to verify the kill) --> Spawning
  • Rewrote the burning system for performance and simplicity. Vehicle burning now starts burning at a preset threshold instead of relying on temperature calculations. This means that a vehicle will catch fire if the vehicle is really close to destruction; and will shortly burn out and explode. --> Vehicles
  • Vehicle Armor Locational Damage: All vehicles now have more defined armor values IE: an APC will have more armor on its front, less on its sides, and very vulnerable in the back. This first take will loosely reflect more closely real-world characteristics, as well as create more depth to the AT role. --> Vehicles
  • All bullets will now have a chance to visually and audibly ricochet depending on angle fired, and weapons with tracer rounds will visibly show the ricochets trajectory path. Projectiles that do ricochet don't actually deal damage but instead are a visual indicator that the projectile did not penetrate the surface or armor. --> Vehicles and Using weapons and equipment and Weapons

Roles and Weapons --> Weapons and sub-item-pages or Using weapons and equipment or Kit Role Selection

  • IED and AT Mine changes, Insurgents and Militia are now able to place up to 3 IEDs in the world at a time, and 6 AT mines in the world at a time. They can still only carry 1 of each of these items at a time, so they will need to rearm to place more.
  • Light AT roles now only have 1 shot available for their anti-tank weapons. A full 9-man squad will still have access to 2 of these roles.

Deployables --> Deployables or Weapons and sub-item-pages

  • Optics have been added onto the emplaced Russian NSV, British and American M2 Brownings and both emplaced and mobile versions of the SPG-9 Kopye. Both the M2 Browning and SPG9 have completely functional reticles that allow for precise shooting at range. We recommend having some trigger time on the range with these to understand how the reticles are used.
  • Emplacements are now damageable by calibers greater than and including 12.7mm/.50cal. The intent is that they will cease to function after sustaining a light to moderate amount of damage, requiring repairs to it in order to bring it back to a working state.

User Interface (many changelogs --> Head-up display (HUD) or Using the map)

  • Name Tag UI updated. Name Tags have been updated both on the 3D HUD and on the map, giving you more intel on friendly locations while also being more contextual. You can see what roles they have now via the name tags.
  • The Squad Leader's position is always visible on the 3D HUD.
  • Players who are incapacitated now appear in grey on the 3D HUD.
  • When seeing a vehicle, only the driver is now shown, clearing a lot of the clutter.
  • Added squad numbers to the vehicle icons on the map, showing which squads currently have a claim on that vehicle.
  • Improved Speedometer. Added a new and improved Speedometer for all drivers. It now shows the amount of torque, what gear you are in, your land speed, your maximum possible top speed and also how much your vehicle is tilted in either direction. --> Vehicles

v11.1 update:

  • Adjusted cost of several deployables. TOWs are now 600 construction points.
  • Changed Kamdesh AAS v1 to Invasion v3 and added a new AAS v1 layer
  • On Chora Conquest v1 - replaced the INS faction with the Russian faction for balance
  • Added Kamdesh INS v2, Narva Invasion v2
  • Added Firing Range v2 with US/RU factions

v11.2 update:

  • Updated starting tickets on the AAS layers of Belaya, Gorodok, Kohat and Yehorivka
  • Op Fight Light AAS - changed MIL to RU, tweaked flag zone sizes
  • Sumari INF v1 - fixed MIL Mainbase naming

Already finished[]

v11.2 update:

  • Increased Invasion ticket flag gain from 50 to 60
  • Increase HAB cost from 400 to 500
  • Decrease Militia Hideout cost from 300 to 250
  • Decrease INS Hideout cost from 250 to 100
  • Increase Vehicle Repair Station cost (except insurgent) from 300 to 500
  • Increase Mortar cost (except insurgent) from 250 to 300


  • Added a server option for whether or not APCs and IFVs require a crewman. --> Server Configuration (VehicleKitRequirementDisabled)

Deployables --> Deployables

  • Razor wire has been made more damaging by slowing down the player much more when caught in it, as well as making it completely impassable. Razor wire that is shorter and lower to the ground can still be jumped over though with a big enough run-up. --> Razor Wire
  • The TOW missile is a wire-guided missile that follows the target commands via a very long wire attached to the launcher. The player can effectively steer the missile while in flight onto target, and it is extremely effective against stationary or slow-moving targets. --> BGM-71 TOW

v11.1 update:

  • TOW rearm cost increased to 500 points. --> BGM-71 TOW
  • Updated Insurgent deployable razor wire to be double stack. --> Razor Wire
  • Changed ticket cost of vehicles: --> Category:Vehicle_infosheets
    • IFVs (FV510, M2) - 25
    • Heavy APCs (30mm RUS APCs) - 20
    • Medium APCs (M1126, 14.5mm RUS APCs) - 15
    • Light APCs, MRAPs, AA vehicles, SPG Techi - 10
    • Trucks, Technicals - 5
    • Motorbikes - 1
  • Removed tracers from Militia and INS infantry weapons.
  • Changed INS HAT to SKS as primary weapon.


  • Most vehicles now have the capability to carry spare ammunition to which ground infantry can resupply their ammunition from. These ammunition points can be sourced from Main Base and FOBs, much like ammo points on Logistics vehicles. To that end, these vehicles can now be used to ferry ammunition to and from FOBs if need be.
  • Insurgents will now have access to some technicals with Improvised Armor. These vehicles generally sacrifice speed, driver visibility and handling for much greater resistance to shrapnel and small arms fire, up to 7.62mm NATO.
  • A new British logistics and transport truck. This modern left-hand drive vehicle is similar in carrying capacity to its Russian and American counterparts. It is on a 3-minute respawn timer, and is worth 6 tickets. The passenger transport variant holds 18 soldiers, while the logistics variant holds 4 passengers and 2000 combined supplies. --> MAN HX
  • FV510, a new British Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The FV510 is a heavily armored IFV that can carry up to 9 passengers, as well as having a driver/gunner crew. It sports a 30mm autocannon, a slow firing clip-fed cannon that fires high-velocity 30mm rounds in armor-piercing sabot and high explosive. In addition, a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and smoke launchers. It is on a 10-minute spawn timer and is worth 28 tickets. --> FV510
  • M2A3 IFV, a new Infantry Fighting Vehicle for the US Army. Bridging the gap between Armored Personnel Carrier and Main Battle Tank, IFVs can transport a small group of infantry while also providing considerable fire support against both infantry and enemy armor. It holds 7 passengers, along with a driver and gunner. The M2A3 is the most heavily armed vehicle in the game, with a 25mm chaingun, firing armor-piercing sabot and high explosive rounds, as well as a turret-mounted TOW launcher with 2 TOW wire-guided missiles ready to fire. In addition, a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and smoke launchers for creating smokescreens. It is on a 15-minute spawn timer and is worth 37 tickets. --> M2A3
  • All APCs and IFVs now require you to procure a Crewman Role in order to operate the driver and gunner seats. These roles can be sourced from ammo crates, or are spawnable as such.
  • Completely overhauled the look of the CROWS weapon system on the MATV and M1126. To this, we added an ammunition tracker, rangefinder, turret orientation indicator and 3 levels of zoom.

Roles and weapons

  • New Role: Crewman. This role is necessary for crewing APCs and IFVs in the driver and gunner seats. This role is equipped lightly for the express purpose of self-defense. A Squad Leader Crewman Kit has been added, also. --> Kit Role Selection, Crewman‎‎, Lead Crewman‎‎
  • New Weapon: L85A2 Rifle. This is the mainstay British Army service rifle, a 5.56mm bullpup configuration rifle capable of semi and automatic fire. Depending on the role, the rifle is equipped with either iron sights, 4x SUSAT sight (zeroing out to 600m) or 4x ACOG (built in BDC reticle). Some roles also have a folding foregrip/bipod combination attached as well. --> L85A2
  • New Weapon: L86A2 LSW Rifle. This weapon is a unique cross between a designated marksman rifle and a light machine gun. While it doesn't have the same level of stopping power as a 7.62mm DMR, its ability to put down accurate automatic fire makes up for its shortcomings. This is run on the squad-level Marksman role. --> L86A2
  • New Weapon: L129A1 Sharpshooter Rifle. A 7.62mm Designated Marksman Rifle, equipped with a 6x ACOG with an excellent field of view. This is available as the team-wide Marksman role for the British. --> L129A1
  • New Weapon: AG36 Grenade Launcher. A 40mm Grenade Launcher attached to the L85A2 rifle, available on the British Grenadier role. Its side-mounted ladder sight goes up to 350m, and its spring loaded barrel allows for faster loading. --> L123A2 (AG36)
  • New Weapon: L110A1 Minimi. The British adaptation of the FN Minimi platform, much like the M249 SAW. It comes with a collapsible skeleton stock and can be equipped with a 4x SUSAT optic. --> L110A2
  • New Weapon: L7A2 GPMG. The British adaptation of the FN MAG platform, very similar to the M240B weapon system used by the Americans. --> FN MAG
  • New Weapon: L131a1 Glock Service Pistol. This recently adopted pistol is a high capacity 9mm handgun that is a reliable sidearm for British officers and support roles. --> G17
  • New Weapon: AT4. The AT4 is an 84-mm unguided, portable, single-shot recoilless smoothbore weapon. This weapon does a modest (33%) more damage than the M72A7 LAW, and is available on all US and British Heavy Anti-Tank roles, as an interim weapon while we work on much heavier anti-tank options. --> AT-4
  • New Weapon: PKP. The Russian Forces PKP is the modernized cousin of the PKM. Complete with a mount for optics, this Russian weapon will make their machine gunners even more fearsome. Russian Machine Gunners have their PKPs equipped with a 1p78 optic. --> PKP
  • All factions have now been given knife training and knives, for those times when you may need a stealth kill option. --> M9 Bayonet, AKM Bayonet, Weapons, Using weapons and equipment
  • Insurgent Soldier models have been completely redone. A large variety of civilian and paramilitary styles have been added to make the faction look a little more versatile visually. --> Insurgents
  • New Weapon Variant: AK74M 1p63 "Obzor" Collimator Sight. The Russian Forces have a collimator sight option now on their rifleman and supplementary combat roles, allowing for quicker target acquisition in CQB. --> AK-74M
  • New Weapon Variant: AK74 1p29 Optic Sight. The Militia and Insurgent Forces have a slightly older sight option replacing the modern 1p78 sight. It is the older style trilux sight with an upside down obelisk reticle, zeroing capability out to 400m and also a built-in stadiametric rangefinder. --> AK-74
  • The US Army Machine Gunner's M240B is now equipped with an M145 optic. --> M240B
  • Resupply costs have been updated to the following: 25 Ammo Points: Medic, Rifleman, Crewman, Medic, Officer; 50 Ammo Points: Grenadier, AR, MG, Marksman; 100 Ammo Points: LAT, Sapper, US/GB HAT; 150 Ammo Points: Rus/Mil/Ins HAT --> Medic, Rifleman, Crewman, Grenadier, Automatic rifleman, Machine gunner, Marksman, Light Anti Tank, Heavy Anti Tank
  • Heavy AT roles have been added to the British, US Army and Russian factions to aid in destroying vehicles. 2 Kits available per team. 1 per squad. 4 squad members needed to access the kit. US and GB have the new AT4 weapon system as a placeholder for HAT for the time being. RU has a placeholder RPG-7 Tandem warhead. --> Heavy Anti Tank

User Interface

  • Added a search bar to the server browser. --> Server browser
  • Added a 'Screenshot Mode' which hides the main in-game UI. This is accessible through the main menu in the bottom right. --> Main menu, Head-up display (HUD)
  • Added a back-button to the main menu, which backs you out to the main screen. --> Main menu


  • Time to ADS on all weapons have been adjusted. Generally, iron sights are faster than all other forms of sighting systems. --> Using weapons and equipment
  • Dramatically reduced the ticket bleed on the middle flags and increased the ticket win/loss when an actual flag area is captured or lost. Neutral flag include a ticket gain for your team. There will still continue to be a "mercy" ticket bleed on the end flags. --> Advance and Secure
  • British Armed Forces have been added. They are a high-tech Blue Force faction with a unique bullpup-style primary weapon, and heavily reliant on armored transport to move around the battlefield. Expect to see them make an appearance on a few of the classic maps and also the newly released Kamdesh. --> British Army


  • Localisation for the following languages has been updated and added: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Ukrainian. --> Squad


  • New Map: Kamdesh Highlands: A new Afghan themed map has been added to the game. This map is set in the far east part of Afghanistan, sparsely populated and mountainous, the area has a number of roads crisscrossed, connecting small hamlets. --> Kamdesh Highlands
  • Al Basrah Invasion_v1 (Overhauled)
  • Al Basrah Invasion_v2 S (New)
  • Belaya AAS_v2 (New)
  • Belaya AAS_v3 (New)
  • Fools Road AAS_v1: Ammo Hill is a requirement in the lattice.
  • Fools Road AAS_v4 (Overhauled)

Already updated/outdated[]

Mapping --> Maps and sub-item-pages [SDK Exporter]

  • Kohat Toi Expansion: Kohat has been expanded to increase gameplay variability and increase Gameplay layer options. In addition to opening up the playable zones, a lot of surrounding dressing has been added to the map edges to make you really impart the sense of a large world around you. Finally, the lighting has been completely redone from scratch to give a greater sense of distance when looking off into the edges of the map.
  • We also have added a lot of new layers to existing maps with radically different flag layouts, the addition of the British and expanding the implementation of the Invasion-style game mode
    • Gorodok AAS_v1 (Overhauled)
    • Gorodok AAS_v2 (Overhauled)
    • Gorodok AAS_v3 GB vs RU (New)
    • Gorodok AAS_v4 US vs RU (New)
    • Gorodok Invasion_v2 (New)
    • Kohat AAS_v1 (Overhauled)
    • Kohat AAS_v2 (Overhauled)
    • Kohat Invasion_v1 (Overhauled)
    • Yehorivka_AAS_v3 (New)