Squad Wiki

This page is a Wiki Project. This wiki project is listed on the task sheet under ID 039.

Aim of this Wiki Project[]

The Squad Wiki should not just help players but server administrators/owners with their tasks as well (configuration, administration and server licensing). This wiki projects aims at:

  1. Gather ideas of information we could put on the wiki that specifically help server administrators with their tasks
  2. Detail and hone those ideas into specific concepts for wiki pages
  3. Decide how these wiki pages fit best into the wiki's overall structure and how maintenance of this information could be as streamlined as possible (main danger: keeping duplicated information in sync and up-to-date across the wiki)
  4. Implement the necessary changes on the wiki


  • 2018-05-05: Created the wiki project page. Please help develop this wiki project by adding ideas to this page

Idea 1: maps overview for map rotation[]

On 2018-05-05 [TLR] Castiel brought up the idea of having a wiki page with a table that lists all maps, their layers and factions. This would help server admins when deciding for the map rotation for their servers.

What information would you want to see in that table? What information do you consider in your decision making when you decide on map rotation for your server?

  • Map name - needed as main reference (is part of the map name anyway)
  • Game mode - needed as main reference (is part of the map name anyway)
  • Layer number - needed as main reference (is part of the map name anyway)
  • Factions - main factor to decide which maps to put on rotation
  • Faction Assignment - needed to build rotations where teams shall switch from BLUFOR to OPFOR each map
  •  ? (please add additional information you would like to see; please provide the reason, too)


  • One handy reference guide for server admins when they decide on map rotation for their servers.


  • We have that information already on the map pages. Having the information also on another page means we have to update duplicated information on multiple pages.