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This page is a Wiki Project.

Aim of this Wiki Project[]

On this page we list tasks that need doing for the wiki and are related to artwork of any kind. This could be updating of in-game screenshots or the creation of new artwork in the Squad SDK, diagrams, videos/animated gifs, icons or illustrations. Anyone is welcome to contribute

Please check our Wiki Style Guide on our image requirements before creating and uploading images.


Collecting tasks

  1. Anyone, who notices the need for artwork, can add a new entry to the "inbox" (note: if you could do it yourself, please do so instead of creating tasks for others)
  2. Give it a good description so others know what needs doing.
    1. Title: short and snappy
    2. Description
    3. Link: provide a link to related or example wiki page(s) or existing images
    4. If a series of images are intended, provide the image category (see Wiki Style Guide#Categories)
    5. If you want to mark a task you are currently working on (so no one else will do it also), put your name with a signature and timestamp - just use "~~~~", this will automatically create something like Usgu (talk) 20:51, 13 December 2018 (UTC). Of course, if you don't finish the task within days, you signature will be removed again.

Creating artwork

  1. Create the artwork (please comply to our Wiki Style Guide)
  2. Upload (or re-upload) your image to the wiki (please comply to our Wiki Style Guide) or post it on our Discord channel "wiki" for other editors to pick it up
  3. For new images, it's necessary to integrate the image into the correct wiki page(s) (for re-uploads this is usually not necessary)
  4. Move the task to the "completed" section


All of the following tasks have not yet been completed.

In-game screenshots[]

  • Map Lead Images: A few of the lead images for maps are outdated since some maps have been completely redone and relit. Please export them from the Squad SDK - we use the identical images as lead images as shown in the in-game Server browser (resolution 1024x1024). Page: Maps.
  • Map Gallery Images: We either completely lack gallery images or have outdated images because the maps have significantly changed since. Ideally, we have 5 to 10 gallery images for each map, showing iconic locations on the map. Example: Belaya#Gallery. Pages: all map pages (Category:Maps). Suggestions:
    • Showcase a selection of capture locations of the map
    • Take pictures of scenic, beautiful, unique locations - be inventive, see yourself as a tourist photographer who looks for the best pictures possible on the map (many of FokkeHassel's pictures fall into this category)
    • Combat pictures: Pictures with actors aka soldiers or vehicles in them, either taken in-game or constructed in the Squad SDK (some of FokkeHassel's pictures fall into this category). When showing/re-creating combat scenes, please depict tactically sensible gameplay.
    • Consider taking pictures at different times of day
  • Reuse FokkeHassel images: We have permission by [FC.] FokkeHassel to use his amazing enhanced screenshot-pieces-of-art on the Squad Wiki. (Also take a look at his amazing photography blog.) Just make sure to attribute the images to him and indicate the images went through after-processing, like we did for the US Faction image by Hades. This will be an ongoing task/reminder, so please do not move this to "completed". Pages: All pages, where his images help the wiki.

SDK artwork[]

  • See also Map Gallery Images

Videos and animated gifs[]

Icons, diagrams and illustrations[]


Tasks that have been completed, are moved here.