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Voting system allows players to vote for Factions, Unit Setups, and Map Layers at the end of each round. The mechanics is introuced in Version 7.2.[1]

Voting[ | ]

At the end of a round of gameplay, players will be prompted to vote on the following layer and faction that their team would like to play:

The voting step is concluded when the voting time is up or when all the players have voted. When the layer and faction voting steps are completed, the next gameplay layer will be loaded based on the results.

Server owners can configure many options within the voting system, including how much time players have to vote, how many options for voting appear, which layers and units can appear for voting options, and how many rounds of gameplay must pass before the same layer, map, game mode, faction, or unit type will show up in the voting options again. They can also disable the voting system entirely and choose to continue using a set layer rotation.

Voting session[ | ]

Map Layers[ | ]

Main article: Map Layers
Blog voting1

A Voting screen displaying various map layers for the players

The Layers are specific subdivisions of Squad Maps. Each map features multiple layers, defining Game Modes and objective layouts.

With the addition of the voting system, the amount of gameplay layers has been consolidated. New layers are no longer required for different faction match-ups (down from 453 to 203). Additional unique layers will be introduced in future updates.

Faction and Units[ | ]

Main article: Units
Blog voting2

The voting screen displaying different units for players to vote

With the addition of the voting system, factions have been broken down into units with their own specialties. These specialties are represented by a unique vehicle lineup and FOB emplacements. In the future, this may be expanded to include unique weapons, roles, and commander abilities. These different units can appear in the voting options for which team to play. Unit types currently represented are combined arms (similar to how factions were set up before voting), air assault, armored, light infantry, mechanized, motorized, support, and amphibious assault.

Only some factions have access to all unit types. The wiki page Units provides more details.

Communication[ | ]

Blog voting3

Voting result summary before the round start

During the map voting session, Voice Communication is enabled for all players in the lobby. During the Unit voting session, Voice Communication is restricted to one side.

Players can click Squad Chat Only on the bottom-left to mute players in the lobby outside of the current Squad.

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