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Units, formerlly known as Divisions, are predetermined subdivisions of Factions. Each faction features multiple Unit setups with varied weapons, vehicles, deployables, and commander assets.

Prior to Version 7.2, Divisions were not standalone mechanics but specific faction variations bounded to particular map layers. In version 7.2, unit mechanics replaced and expanded the old division setups, which can be voted by players by the end of each round.

General Information[ | ]

Factions are broken down into units with their specialties. The specialties are represented by a unique vehicle lineup and FOB emplacements. At the end of each round, players will be prompted to vote on the map layers and factions that their team would like to play, and units are randomly presented for selection.

These different units can appear in the voting options for which team to play. Unit types currently represented are combined arms (similar to how factions were set up before Version 7.2), air assault, armored, light infantry, mechanized, motorized, support, and amphibious assault. Only some factions have access to all unit types.[1]

Unit Types[ | ]

The Unit are categorized by their types. Each Type features a distinct specialization in vehicle configuration and varies in FOB Deployables limits, which, since 7.3, can be viewed by clicking the information button ("i") in the top right of each unit during voting.

Icon Type Description
Icon AirAssault Air Assault Air Assault units focus on light vehicles, helicopter, and air mobility. They make up for it with lack of availability of heavier vehicles, but can place an extra ATGM emplacement per FOB.
Icon Armored Armored Armored units focus on main battle tanks at the expense of lacking a wider number and variety of supporting vehicles and helicopters.
Icon CombinedArms Combined Arms Combined arms units are a jack of all trades but master of none. These units are the default setup for each faction and can be scaled down for medium to smaller map layers.
Icon LightInfantry Light Infantry Light Infantry units focus on dismounted infantry combat, lacking access to heavier vehicles like APCs, IFVs, and MBTs. They make up for this with access to specialized ATGM vehicles, or getting extra ATGM emplacements on their FOBs.
Icon Tracked Mechanized Mechanized units specialize in tracked APCs, and IFVs (or wheeled IFVs depending on the faction). They sacrifice speed and mobility for protection and firepower.
Icon Wheeled Motorized Motorized units specialize in speed over armor and protection, making use of wheeled vehicles and IFVs.
Icon Support Support Support units focus on logistics, FOBs, intelligence, and mobile artillery. They lack wider availability of top tier IFVs but can build an extra HAB, ATGM emplacement, and can see the enemy's vehicle spawn timers.
Icon AmphibiousAssault Amphibious Assault Amphibious Assault units focus on amphibious vehicles and amphibious assaults.

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