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This page is a Server Troubleshooting Issue

This problem can be diagnosed via the following symptoms:

  • When you server is running does not follow the rotation you have set.

This problem could have multiple causes:

  • Config is not set-up correctly
  • Human Error / Typos

Config is not set-up correctly

Since V2 Squad update, the server config had a major refresh. So it is necessary to set up the map rotation mode.

It is necessary to set up your config correctly for your map rotation.


1) Go to your server.cfg a common path would be /SquadGame/ServerConfig/Server.cfg

2) For most servers the line that you are looking for is `MapRotationMode`. It is recommended to use `LayerList` as other options are broken or not supported.

// Map rotation mode: it can be 
// LevelList(use order in level rotation config file)
// LayerList (use order in layer rotation config file) 
// or 
// LevelList_Randomized
// LayerList_Randomized
// which are randomized version of previous options

3) Another common issue is that `RandomizeAtStart` is set to true, it is recommended that you have it to false as this is known to not load the rotation correctly.

// Should the Map/Layer rotations list be randomized at start?

4) After these steps are completed save the file and reboot the server.



Human Error / Typos

See Typo in the layer name

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