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This page is a Server Troubleshooting Issue

This problem can be diagnosed via the following symptoms:

  • being unable to switch to a layer or level via the command line
  • being unable to switch to a layer or level via RCON tools like Battlemetrics

This problem could have multiple causes:

  • Layers or Levels excluded
  • Mods not correctly loaded
  • Human Error / Typos

Layer / Level excluded[]

Since the V2 Squad update, layer can be blacklisted through the ExcludedLayers & ExcludedLevels config, preventing the server from loading the specified layer / level.

This cause is mostly observed with Jensen's Range, as it is excluded by default.


1) Open the ExcludedLayers / ExcludedLevels config in a text editor (notepad is just fine). These files can be found in the server install directory under the path \SquadGame\ServerConfig\

2) Delete the Layer / Level you want to enable

3) Save the file & restart your server


1) Open the config file using a editor tool like nano

nano <path to file>

2) Replicate step two as described above

3) Save your changes pressing lctrl+ x


Attach to your container using the following command, then follow the steps as described for the LINUX section.

docker exec attach -it <container> bash

Mod not loaded[]

Remove the mod(s), and delete the SteamCMD download cache. Then re-download.

Typo in the layer name[]

This might be the most mundane cause of all, to rule this cause out, please cross check your layer name with the one provided on the wiki via maps or Server Configuration.

If you are trying to load a modded map, please refer to the mods workshop page.

See also[]

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