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Tigr-M Kord
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Vehicle Info
 Operators  Russian Ground Forces
 Maps Available  Anvil, Belaya Pass, Chora, en's, Fool's Road, Goose Bay, Gorodok, Jensen's, Kamdesh Highlands, Kohat Toi, Kokan, Lashkar Valley, Logar Valley, Manic-5, Mestia, Mutaha, Narva, Skorpo, Sumari Bala, Tallil Outskirts, Yehorivka

The Tigr-M Kord is light vehicle in Squad. It was introduced in the B21 update for the Russian Ground Forces.

General information[]

The GAZ Tigr is a 4×4 multi-role, all-terrain light armoured vehicle manufactured by Military Industrial Company (BMK), a part of GAZ Group. The vehicle is primarily operated by Russian Defence Ministry and Ministry of the Interior forces.

The vehicles are deployed by the rapid-reaction teams and special forces for conducting escort missions, patrols and counter-terrorist operations. The first Tigr prototype vehicles were unveiled in 2002 and production commenced in 2004. The initial orders were received from the Russian Defence Ministry and the Ministry of Interior. The vehicle is being offered primarily for police and defence customers in Russia.

China received 100 Tigr vehicles in 2008. Other countries intending to purchase Tiger vehicles include Brazil and customers in the Middle East. In October 2012, Russian Ministry of the Interior (MVD) signed an agreement with Nicaragua to supply an unspecified number of Tigr vehicles.

GAZ Tigr is deployed by the Russian soldiers during the Crimean Crisis between Russia and Ukraine in 2014.


There are two variants of the Tigr-M in Squad.

The Tigr-M Kord Open Top has an open top Kord heavy machine gun which essentially functions like the NSV; a powerful heavy machine gun capable of attacking both infantry and lightly armored targets. Unlike the US Army M-ATV, the Tigr-M has no gun shield gunner, leaving him more exposed to enemy fire. Aside from this, the windows are more open and can easily be shot through. Unlike the M-ATV however, Tigr has smoke launchers. In the case of the open top variant, it is controlled by the vehicle driver. Like other 40mm smoke launchers, it has two "bursts" that can be fired.

The Tigr-M Kord RWS has the Arbalet remote weapon system, still with the Kord heavy machine gun. It is currently the only Russian vehicle in the game with a legitimate remote weapon station; complete with a rangefinder, elevation and traverse indicator, and digital ammo counter. If you want to know if the stabilizer is on, you can look to the upper left side:

  • stabilizer is on -> BKЛ
  • stabilizer is off -> BЫKЛ

The RWS Kord has the capability of changing firemodes. Specifically, it has the ability to fire in full auto and a four round burst. The different modes can be switched to and from by the regular 'change firemode' key, as if it were any other weapon. If you wish to know what firemode is currently selected, you can look to the bottom left of the gunner's UI:

  • Fully automatic fire -> АВТОМАТ
  • Four round burst -> КОРОТКАЯ

Additionally, the firemode is displayed in the bottom right, as part of the universal UI, as either 'A' (for automatic) or '4' (for four round burst).

Unlike the open top Tigr, the smoke launchers are now used by the gunner instead of the driver. It still has two "bursts" of smoke grenades that can be fired.

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