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Tickets are the life blood of most Game Modes in Squad. Often, tickets determine which team wins and which team loses. At the start of the match each team starts with a set amount of tickets and battle to victory. To look up your current ticket count during a match, bring up the scoreboard or map.

Important hint: None of the ticket numbers are set in stone and the devs are constantly refining them to improve balancing.

How tickets work[ | ]


Ticket values for AAS/RAAS.

Certain events during a match will trigger ticket costs or gains for either your team or the opponent's team. Some costs are the same across every match, but the biggest and most important ticket costs/gains are game mode specific. Both can be seen in a tab on the upper right corner of the full screen map (accessed through Caps Lock by default). At the moment, some minor costs/gains such as capturing a never captured flag providing 20 tickets in AAS, are not listed.

Common ticket costs[ | ]

There are only a few common ticket costs across all game modes.

[ -   1 Icon ScoreboardTicket ] per Infantry lost (bleedout, give up or console respawn).

[ -   2  Icon ScoreboardTicket ] per Commander lost (bleedout, give up or respawn).

[ - 20 Icon ScoreboardTicket ] per Forward Operating Base (FOB; "Radio") lost.

Vehicle losses also cost tickets. General costs are listed below, specific costs are listed on the Vehicles page.

[ -   1 Icon ScoreboardTicket ] per Motorcycle lost.

[ -   5 Icon ScoreboardTicket ] per Light Vehicle, Transport, Logistics, Helicopter or cheap Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) lost.

[ - 10 Icon ScoreboardTicket ] by Armored Personnel Carriers (APC), Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV), Artillery Jeep or Armor Hunter lost.

[ - 15 Icon ScoreboardTicket ] by Main Battle Tank lost.

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