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Tickets are the life blood of most Game Modes in Squad. Often, tickets determine which team wins and which team loses. At the start of the match each team starts with a set amount of tickets and battle to victory. To look up your current ticket count during a match, bring up the scoreboard.

Important hint: None of the ticket numbers are set in stone and the devs are constantly refining them to improve balancing.

How tickets work[]

Certain events during a match will trigger ticket costs for your team and sometimes your opponent team. This includes loss or gain of tickets on one or both teams. Therefore, all ticket costs are shown as a table showing the ticket change on your and the other team.

For example (with made-up examples):

Your Team Opposite Team Event
-1 0 Suicide
60 -10 Capture a Control Point in game mode X

Common ticket costs[]

There are only a few common ticket costs across all game modes. They are listed in the following table.

Your Team Opposite Team Event
0 0 Player goes into incapacitated state
-1 0 Player dies or gives up
-1 0 Player commits suicide
-2 0 Commander dies or gives up

Game Mode specific ticket costs[]

The majority (and the biggest and most important) of ticket costs are game mode specific. Therefore, please check the ticket section for each game mode to get the full picture.

Assets ticket costs[]

Vehicles are your assets during a match. If you lose a vehicle, your team will suffer ticket costs.

You will find a list of all vehicle by category and ticket costs (here).

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