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Vehicle Info
 Operators  Canadian Army
 Maps Available  Al Basrah, Anvil, Belaya Pass, Chora, en's, Fallujah, Goose Bay, Gorodok, Jensen's, Kamdesh Highlands, Kohat Toi, Lashkar Valley, Manic-5, Mestia, Mutaha, Narva, Skorpo, Tallil Outskirts, Yehorivka

The Textron TAPV is a light attack vehicle in Squad used by the Canadian Army.

General Information[]

The Textron Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) is an armoured car in use with the Canadian Army. The vehicle project began in 2009, and the contract was awarded to Textron Systems Inc in 2012. 500 vehicles were purchased, with delivery completed in 2017. Employed in a general reconnaissance role, the TAPV was disseminated to a number of military units across Canada, including a number of examples delivered to the reserves for training purposes.

The TAPV is powered by a Cummins QSL diesel engine, providing 365 horsepower, propelling the vehicle to a maximum speed 105 km/h. (110 km/h in real life)


There are two variants of the TAPV in-game. Both variants are always armed and carry the same amount of ammo points and passengers.(though in real life the two variants differ. The patrol variant carrying 3 passengers and the recce only carrying 2)

TAPV Infocard.jpg

The M2A1 CROWS variant. This variant sports the same M2A1 CROWS found on the M1A2, M1126, and M-ATV M2A1 CROWS which allows it to take care of infantry and other light vehicles. The M2A1 CROWS carries 400 rounds of ammunition and has 2 zoom levels.

The C6 CROWS variant. This is similar to the M-ATV M240 CROWS and FV432 RWS. It has (x) zoom levels and carries carries 750 rounds of ammunition but can only damage infantry. ( This is the main variant used, using the Protector Dual RWS which allows it to use both the C6 and a C16 commonly known as a MK 19)


The TAPV is used only by the Canadian Army in-game. It is capable of carrying up to 4 infantrymen inside, but its primary purpose is light support and reconnaissance.

  • The TAPV is crewed by two: a driver and a gunner. They do not require Crewman kits to be able to drive and use the vehicle's armament.
  • The Gunner gets access to a CROWS M2A1 .50 Caliber machine gun, utilizing a powerful camera to engage targets at long range. The Gunner also gets access to two bursts of defensive smoke grenades.
  • The TAPV is a relatively tall vehicle, making it more difficult to hide in a treeline or behind a low-building.
  • As with other light vehicles, it is primarily used for scouting and light fire support. It can also take on its peers, provided it is armed with a heavy machine gun. The armor can stop small arms fire from infantry weapons but will not stop anything more powerful than them. The passengers can also be killed by attacks that penetrate the thin armor.
  • BRDM-2: The BRDM-2 Scout Car has a slightly more powerful main gun, along with a coaxial machine gun allowing it to save its primary ammunition for vehicles while it engages infantry with its MG. The TAPV has the advantage when it comes to optics, with the powerful camera allowing for engagement at long range. The TAPV also has the advantage of a single, continuous belt of ammunition as opposed to the short 50 round belts of the BRDM-2s KPVT. The TAPV can carry a small number of infantry, whereas the BRDM-2 gets a single extra passenger in the form of the Commander periscope position. The BRDM-2 also has a major advantage in top speed, being one of the fastest vehicles in the game and much quicker than the TAPV. Ultimately, the TAPV has the advantage at long range, and is better suited to engaging infantry and Technicals when it can outrange them. The BRDM-2 is more flexible at switching between infantry and vehicles, and serves better as a pure ambush hunter. Victory will usually go to whichever vehicle is able to fire first.
  • BRDM-2 Spandrel: The Spandrel and its ATGMs cannot engage infantry, and as a pure anti-tank vehicle it is usually hunting for bigger targets than the TAPV. Even so, a direct hit is an instant death for the TAPV, and unlike on the M-ATV TOW, the gunner is safe inside the hull, meaning the TAPV gunner cannot simply shoot the enemy gunner out. The Spandrel has relatively thin armour, so if the TAPV can hit it first, it will probably win the fight. It also has the same high top speed as its MG brother.
  • FV107: The Scimitar presents a unique challenge as it is a fairly unique scouting vehicle. The RARDEN is an older model autocannon, manually loaded and with a slow fire rate, but it is nonetheless a 30mm gun with armour-piercing SABOT rounds. It is also small, light, and incredibly fast, with better off-road performance than the TAPV. It's armour is not particularly strong, but it will outlast the TAPV in a straight fight because it has a 30mm autocannon.
  • Tigr-M: Russian light MRAP vehicle with both an open-top MG variant and one with a CROWS weapon system. This vehicle is much smaller than the TAPV , its faster, and it carries more infantry. It's armour is lacking when compared to the TAPV, but the CROWS MG on top is similar to its armament.
  • Simir: Three variants, one of which is armed with an MG3 that cannot hurt the TAPV. The Kord MG can hurt the TAPV but the Simir is an extremely light open-top jeep with a limited MG arc, and with no cover the .50 Cal will make short work of the occupants. The Kornet variant has a powerful ATGM that can wreck the TAPV but the crew once again has no cover or protection.
  • Technical: Multiple technical variants, most of which present little danger but some of which do. Technicals with heavy machine guns can hurt the TAPV but technicals lack armour and optics and are at an extreme disadvantage. SPG-9 techies can do much more serious damage with just one rocket, and actually have a long range scope to hit targets at range. The BMP-1 Technical can also hurt the TAPV with its cannon, but its accuracy is terrible and it has almost no armour.
  • LPPV: British MRAP, open top variants are LMGs and cannot hurt the TAPV, but the CROWs variant is the same .50 Cal found on the TAPV so its a fairly even matchup.
  • M-ATV: Matchups against M-ATVs vary depending on the variant. The M240B variants of the M-ATV cannot hurt the TAPV at all, and should avoid it if possible. The M-ATV CROWS M2A1 is more or less the American version of this vehicle, with similar armament and armour. The open top variant is more vulnerable as the gunner is exposed and can simply be shot by the opposing gunner. The M-ATV TOW is something of a glass cannon, with an exposed gunner it is easy to destroy if the TAPV can hit it first and neutralize him. With that being said, the TOW missile will destroy the TAPV instantly if it can hit the TAPV first.

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