Squad Wiki

Below you can find troubleshooting help and technical support if you have problems running Squad.

Where to find technical support[ | ]

How to report a bug[ | ]

If you find a bug, please report it and help the developers.

  • You can also report bugs on the official Discord to the channels #bug-report and #layer-bug-report (please check "pinned messages" for the correct format, otherwise your post will be deleted)

Server Support[ | ]

Hosting Support[ | ]

For general hosting support or licensing related questions you can reach out to the staff on the OWI Hosting Discord.

You can also find fixes for common issues in our Server Troubleshooting section.

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Server Misconduct[ | ]

To report problems players or Admin abuse with a specific server, email Licensing@offworldindustries.com with the following details:

  • Name of the server
  • Any evidence such as video, pictures etc
  • Date and time of incident

Or alternatively you can fill out the Admin/Server Abuse Report Form or open a ticket in the OWI Hosting Discord for support.

  • discussions allowed; please read the "pinned messages" for instructions).