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The following is a list of the best rated (april 2018) Steam workshop Maps and Mods that are available in the game Squad (under the tab "Custom Servers" in main menu), released by modders on Steam Workshop. Some maps and names are based out of real life areas in today's world as well as some coming from Squad's spiritual predecessor, Project Reality. If you want to learn more how to use maps in-game, check out Using the map.

Server Admins: How to add Steam-Workshop Maps / Mods[]

See this article: How to add one or more Steam Workshop Maps to the Squad Server

Current Maps[]

To download these maps to your PC, click the "subscribe" button on the Steam page (linked below in the title of the maps).

    It is currently unknown which of the following maps are working in V12.
   (sorted by current map-status finished/WIP and rating - if you are the mapper and still working on the map then please add
** in front of the name)    

    Maps of which the v12-compatibility-status is currently unknown of, need testing. Help us keeping this updated!

Strike at Karkand AAS V1 by FAR.STAN
      x km
      city with factory area - based 1:1 on the Battlefield 2 map that we all loved so much ;)

# Battle for Skorpo by Zeno
      AASv1:   3.9 x 3.9 km
             v3:    6x6 km
      dense forest areas, large valley & mountains

# Samland Peninsula by Legion
      3x3 km
      medium dense forest

# Balkan Pass by wunda
      km x km
      dense to medium dense forest, many open areas, hills and valleys

# Operation Silver by 1337Lurker
      3 x 3 km
      desert, large valley, open areas

Agrabah_AlphaV05 by ZXD_Marv
      2.2 x 2.2 km
      desert map, settlement located on a mountain

Karasu by Drecks
      2.2 x 2.2 km
      thin forest, Landscape is diverse with open fields, forest and farmland - weapon depot, abandoned Russian base

Dalen by XanderDal[Nor]
      4.5 x 4.5 km
      thin forest, large valley, open areas

# ** Forest Air by SilenTblooD
      2x2 km
      dense forest, rocky areas - airfield, radar, rocket launch site

Al Basrah Night PAAS by Ops Hamleet
      x km

** Raid On Rostov by wunda
      3 x 3 km
      large factory area surrounded by forest

** Finkarus by LoRDHitMan
      4x4 km
      several dense forest areas, Island with mountains, farming fields, villages and cities. Russain Forces vs USA

# Maps that have been tested and are working in multiplayer.

** Maps that are assumed to be in development, based on current bugs/missing textures etc. feel free to remove the stars from a map which you know of that is considered 100% complete and is working in v10 or add stars to maps where you know the mapper is still adding content

Current Mods[]

(BROKEN) Helicopter Test (V8.2) (New Flight Model) by Heedicalking
      Many different maps, feat. M113 Vulvan AAA, AH-64A Apache, UH-60M Mi-8, Ka-52, and Mi-24. Helimod-discord link on Steam page.

Squad Battle Royale by OWI / RedLobster
      x km
      huuuuge map, believe me. (Trump...) - description to be added after playtest. Official Squad BR discord link on their Steam page.

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