Squad Wiki

The Squad Wiki Partnership Program allows active Squad communities to collaborate with the Squad Wiki. It's a mutual agreement to support and promote each other and contribute together to the general Squad community. Depending on the partner, this collaboration can come in different shapes and forms. For example, a Squad clan transfers some of its internal written knowledge to the Squad Wiki (e.g. as guides or descriptions). For example, members of a Squad clan become regular editors on the Squad Wiki.

All content that is transfered to the Squad Wiki falls under Fandom's licence.

This partnership is created by the Squad Wiki team and is not related to Offworld Industries, the creators of Squad, or their own programs. Offworld Industries does not endorse any of the Squad Wiki partners.

How to become a partner

Reach out to the wiki team on Discord to become a partner.

You are required:

  • Provide a link to the Squad wiki on your homepage
  • Be in an active collaboration with and contribute to the Squad Wiki

In return, the Squad wiki will include your name and link to your homepage in below's list of partners (also shown on the main page).

Current partners