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Translation of the wiki pages into other languages than English makes a real contribution to the Squad community. It will make it easier for non-English speakers to get into the game and as a result improves the gameplay quality and metagame for all players. We are looking for editors possessing the required language skills and who feel inclined doing this kind of task.

The official process of starting a translation for a specific language is described in Gamepedia's guideline. We will follow that guideline for the Squad Wiki. You will find two example pages on our wiki that have applied the first two steps of this guideline: here is the English System requirements page and here is the German translation page of it. Once there are enough pages translated, we will start steps 3 and 4 for the specific language.

Translation of the Squad wiki has not yet started, too many pages are still incomplete. If you are interested in doing translations, put down your name in the list below and you will be contacted as soon as translation commences.

Translation tasks[]

Below you will see an announcement list of finished pages that are ready for translation. For translation editors this is your task list to work with. Add the Translation portal to your watch list to stay in touch with incoming translation tasks. Content editors, please add your finished pages to the list if you want them to be translated. If you made a major update to a previously translated page, you can put the page again on the list so the translations get updated as well. We will have to see how successful this workflow works in practice and, if necessary, refine it. For now it's a good starting point. Please do not start translation of pages that are still work-in-progress, please wait until a page has reached a certain degree of maturity. If unsure, get in touch with the chief editors of the page (check its page History).

  • Right now there are no pages ready for translation as the wiki is still in an early phase. Please see roadmap for when translations should start.

Current translations[]

Information.svg Note: Right now, we do not recommend translations as many of the English pages are still incomplete, outdated and inconsistent. Translate now on your own risk, you will have to rework many of the pages again. Please see roadmap for when translations are scheduled to start.

The following translations have started but are still to small to create their own sub-domains. Please add new translations to this list. Please also make sure that your translation category is added to Category:Translations.

The following translations are complete enough and have been created as their own sub-domains:

  • None yet


If you are interested in becoming a translator, add yourself to the following list. We are looking for a lead translator / head admin and contributing translators for each language. We are particularly interested in the following languages, but any other language is also welcome: French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Turkish.

Community translators[]


User:NightstaIker21 (French contributer, Forum:NightstaIker21, Discord:Night) talk  •  contribs
User:Extazbofr (French translator, Forums: ExtaZBo, Discord: none) talk  •  contribs
User:Maxtourix (French translator, Forum: Maxtourix, Discord: FyBlur) talk  •  contribs


User:TomNedry (German contributor, TomNedry, TomNedry) talk  •  contribs
User:DanielHolland (German contributer, DanielNL)
User:AuTDomi1998 (german translator, forum:AuTDomi , Discord: AuT-Domi#0831) talk  •  contribs
User:BlueEye Husky (german translator, forum: Husky , Discord: Mjölnir Husky#8984) talk  •  contribs
User:Immervoll (german translator, forum: n/a , Discord: Immervoll#7819) talk  •  contribs


User:Thordmin (Finnish contributer, Forum:IhanaMies) talk  •  contribs


User:Napster653 (Spanish translator, Forums: Napster653, Discord: [ESPS]Napster653) talk  •  contribs
User:Lonewolver (Spanish translator, Forums: LoneWolver, Discord: [ESPS] LoneWolver#0632) talk  •  contribs

Brazilian Portuguese[]

User:Immotay (Brazilian Portuguese contributer, Forum: Immotay, Discord: Immotay#2748) talk  •  contribs
User:Santo (Brazilian Portuguese contributor, Forum:The_Santo, Discord: Santo#0301) talk  •  contribs
User:Zenrique (Brazilian Portuguese contributor, Forum: Zenrique, Discord: [BRD] zenrique#9631) talk  •  contribs


User:ZiGreen (Russian contributor, Forum, Discord: ZiGreen) talk  •  contribs
User:Chap (Russian contributor, Forum: Chap, Discord:Chap#7277) talk  •  contribs
User:Sltlus (Russian translator, Forum:Sltlus, Discord: none) talk  •  contribs
User:Oygenby (Russian translator, Forum: Oygen, Discord: Oygen#5565) talk  •  contribs


User:axelxan (Polish contributor, Forum: [HSG Elite]Axel, Discord: [HSG Elite]Axel) talk  •  contribs
User:Akumulator11 (Polish contributor, Forum: Akumulator, Discord: |PC| Akumulator#5377) talk  •  contribs


User:WarriorSA (Arabic lead translator, Forum:Warrior_-_S.A, Discord: Warrior_-_S.A#0001) talk  •  contribs
User:AZ (Head admin, Forum:AZalshehri7, Discord: AZ#0573) talk  •  contribs
User:sadman1981 (contributing translator, Forum:sadman, Discord: sadman#7065) talk  •  contribs
User:A7med1562002 (contributing translator, Forum:ahmed2002alaa, Discord: [UAF] Ahmed#8406) talk  •  contribs
User:AntiDentite101 (Arabic Contributing Translator, Forum: Sputnik, Discord: Pickle Rick#9424) talk  •  contribs
User:Ibnolmohalhal1 (Arabic lead translator, Forum: none, Discord: IbnOlMohalhal#6299)


User:Mandeuk (Korean contributor, Forum: Mandeuk, Discord: Mandeuk#6112) talk  •  contribs


User:axuanfeng (Chinese translator, Discord: XuanFeng#1216) talk  •  contribs
User:Leukocyte077 (Chinese translator, Discord: Leukocyte#9258) talk  •  contribs


User:Sambar172P (Japanese contributor, Forum:sambar172p, Discord: none) talk  •  contribs