Squad Wiki

Translation of the wiki pages into other languages than English makes a real contribution to the Squad community. It will make it easier for non-English speakers to get into the game and as a result improves the gameplay quality and metagame for all players. We are looking for editors possessing the required language skills and who feel inclined doing this kind of task.

There are two current ways to translate the information on the Squad Wiki.

  1. Create a new page on the Squad Wiki with a "/languagecode" added to the end of the page.
  2. Create/edit on a translated wiki.

You will find two example pages on our wiki that have applied the first method: here is the English System requirements page and here is the German translation page of it. Once a specific language has enough pages translated, it is possible for them to decide to create their own wiki.

To create their own wiki there must be a set of translators willing to admin and maintain it. Once a group of translators wish to create and maintain their own wiki they can follow these steps:

  1. Create a wiki utilizing the Start a new community guide from Fandom.
  2. Develop the wiki and create the bare-bones of the wiki.
  3. Reach out to the English Squad Wiki Editorial (or other language wikis) to help create an Interlanguage Link (ILL).
  4. Update both wikis with the ILLs.

If you are interested in doing translations, put down your name in the list below and go right ahead.


We welcome any translators to use our discord. We have individual channels dedicated to each language and have and options within the discord to join each channel. Translators may use their own language within their categories only.

Any translations that have an ILL with the Squad Wiki are welcome to utilize our Wiki Discord to host their community on. The level at which each community is integrated within the discord is on a case by case basis. We will always provide a category (or multiple) for members to create their own channels according to how their community needs. Each community may have their own set of rules, but they must always follow the English set of rules. For more info on utilizing the Wiki Discord, please reach out to an admin.

Current translations[]

The following translations have started but are still to small to create their own sub-domains. Please add new translations to this list. Please also make sure that your translation category is added to Category:Translations.

The following translations are complete enough and have been created as their own sub-domains:


If you are interested in becoming a translator, add yourself to the following list. We are looking for a lead translator / head admin and contributing translators for each language. We are particularly interested in the following languages, but any other language is also welcome: French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Turkish.

Community translators[]


Username Role Discord Contact
Alexei_Blade Lead Translator alexeiblade talk  •  contribs


Username Role Discord Contact
Cobra94245 Lead Translator i_cobra_i talk  •  contribs
Meisterbob91 Lead Translator .meisterbob talk  •  contribs
Minedays Translator kokodiff talk  •  contribs
Major-Killer Translator major_killer talk  •  contribs
Immervoll Translator immervoll talk  •  contribs


Username Role Discord Contact
ZiGreen Translator ZiGreen talk  •  contribs
Chap Translator Chap#7277 talk  •  contribs
Sltlus Translator non talk  •  contribs
Oygenby Translator Oygen#5565 talk  •  contribs


Username Role Discord Contact
axuanfeng Lead Translator XuanFeng#1216 talk  •  contribs
Leukocyte077 Translator Leukocyte#9258 talk  •  contribs