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The Squad SDK is the official Squad software development kit. The following is a guide on how to download and set up the Squad SDK.

System requirements[ | ]

Unreal Engine 4 has some specific hardware and software requirements for running the game and editor or developing with the engine, check them before downloading the Squad SDK.

Following are the current system requirements:

OS Windows 7/8/10 Mac OS X 10.9.2
Processor Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz Quad-core Intel, 2.5 GHz
Memory 8 GB RAM 8 GB RAM
Graphics DX10 Compatible GPU, 2GB V-RAM OpenGL 4.1 compatible graphics card


If your computer does not meet the Minimum requirements specifications necessary to run this, you may experience significant problems while modding. The SDK will stutter, lag and crash on you, anything above 8 GB - 16 GB of RAM is recommended for modding in the SDK. Also note that, if you have only 8 GB, close any programs you have that take RAM; Discord and web browsers, etc. If not, the SDK will have 'Fatal Errors' due to lack of RAM and force quit/crash itself. These errors and crashes can happen at any time, so save your mod periodically.

Version history[ | ]

Version Release date Highlights
7.2 March 12, 2024 Update to Release 7.2
7.1 February 8, 2024 Update to Release 7.1
7.0 December 12, 2023 Update to Release 7.0
6.0 September 27, 2023 Update to Release 6.0
5.1 July 25, 2023 Update to Release 5.1
5.0 June 20, 2023 Update to Release 5.0
4.5 May 23, 2023 Update to Release 4.5
4.4 April 18, 2023 Update to Release 4.4
4.3 March 14, 2023 Update to Release 4.3
4.2 February 7, 2023 Update to Release 4.2
4.1 December 14, 2022 Update to Release 4.1
4.0 December 6, 2022 Update to Release 4.0
3.4 November 8, 2022 Update to Release 3.4
3.3 September 27, 2022 Update to Release 3.3
3.2 August 23, 2022 Update to Release 3.2
3.0 June 22, 2022 Update to Release 3.0
2.5 April 15, 2021 Update to Release 2.5
2.4 March 25, 2021 Update to Release 2.4
2.0 December 17, 2020 Update to Release 2.0
1.0 September 11, 2020 Update to Release 1.0
Beta 21.0 August 1, 2020 Update to Beta 21.0
Beta 19.0 May 2, 2020 Update to Beta 19.0
Beta 17.0 November 25, 2019 Update to Beta 17.0
Alpha 16.0 October 10, 2019 Update to Alpha 16.0
Alpha 15.0 July 22, 2019 Update to Alpha 15.0
Alpha 14.0 June 28, 2019 Update to Alpha 14.0, release notes with tutorial videos
Alpha 12.2 February 1, 2019 Update to Alpha 12.2
Alpha 12.0 November 29, 2018 Includes all new assets of Alpha 12.0
Alpha 11 June 6, 2018 Includes all new assets of Alpha 11
Alpha 10 ???, 201? First release of the SDK, includes all assets of Alpha 10

Downloading the Epic Games Launcher[ | ]

Epic Games Download

Unreal Engine is the engine used by the SDK itself and also by the game, there are also a lot of tutorials and documentation on the official site on how to use it.

In order to download the Squad SDK, you will need to download the Epic Games Launcher. The Epic Games Launcher is a global launcher that contains several games, Unreal Engine 4 and also several Modding SDK's including the one for Squad.

  1. Go to the Epic Games Website.
  2. Click the blue "Download Epic Games Launcher" button in the middle of the screen.
  3. Once downloaded, run the installer.
  4. Sign in with one of the options provided, or sign up for an epic games account.

Downloading & Launching the Squad SDK[ | ]

EpicGames Launcher

SDK Loading screen

Once you have downloaded the Epic Games Launcher you should:

  1. Sign-in using your Account.
  2. Add the Editor from the Epic Games Store. (Please note you must add the editor from that link, you cannot find the Editor on the Epic Games Installer).
  3. Navigate to the Library side bar.
  4. Find the Squad Editor and install it.

After your installation has finished, the "Install" button will change into "Launch". Make sure to click "Launch" only once (otherwise you would start multiple instances of the editor).

Launching the SDK takes a very long time, particularly for your first start. For more information on this, see #FAQ.

Getting started with the SDK[ | ]

SDK Editor starting

To ask how to get started with the SDK (i.e. Unreal Engine Editor) is like asking "how to live life". There is so much to learn, it could never fit onto a single wiki page or even barely an entire wiki. Hence, we have only listed the most useful beginner's tutorial and essential resources you need to know. For all the rest, you have to find out yourself (or ask your fellow modders).

Beginner guides to the Unreal Engine Editor[ | ]

Tutorials related to Squad modding[ | ]

Essential resources on Squad modding[ | ]

  • Discord "Squad Modding Hub" - the official Discord for all things modding in Squad - lots of channels on all kind of modding topics, with lots of information and help from the modding community and the developers. This is your number one resource for modding and a must-be place for any Squad modder.
  • Discord "Squad Chinema Group" - the official Discord for creating awesome cinematics in the SDK
  • JoinSquad Modding Forums - the official forums for all things modding.
  • SquadMods Github - the source code repository for Squad mods. If you wish to upload your mod, get in touch with StrangeZak#1706 on Discord.
  • The Wrench - official monthly newsletter on Squad modding.
  • Creating Squad Cinematics - how to create Squad cinematics using the UE Sequencer.

Essential resources on Unreal Engine[ | ]

Having problems with the SDK[ | ]

Having problems with the SDK? Is your mod not opening up correctly? Are files missing? Repair the client.

  1. Locate the "Modding" Tab, on the far right of all the tabs.
  2. Click on "Squad."
  3. Next to where it says "Launch," click on the SDK settings cog button.
  4. Click on "Verify" to repair and download any missing files you may have removed or deleted.

FAQ[ | ]

This FAQ has been compiled to answer the most common questions asked by modders. It contains questions and answers related to the Squadk SDK and the Steam Workshop.

  1. Q: What engine version should I be using for the Squad SDK?
    A: You don't need to worry about engine versions! The Squad SDK automatically comes with the correct engine version when you download it through the Modding tab on the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Q: I launched the Squad SDK but it's taking a long time to load. What's wrong?
    A: If it's the first time you're launching the Squad SDK it will take a while. Load times vary depending on your hardware but you just have to stay patient! It has taken anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes based on general reports from members. There have also been cases where having NVIDIA Shadowplay enabled caused longer load times, so it is advised to disable it while you load up! Make sure not to click "Launch" several times; loading multiple instances of the editor at the same time will not improve your loading time.
  3. Q: Can my map / mod be added to the base game?
    A: Yes! There's a possibility of mods that match the developers' level of quality being added into the base game. Examples of this so far are Al Basrah, Russian ammo crates, Mestia, Kokan and extra vehicle seats, which were all made by community members.
  4. Q: “The editor says my mod was successfully uploaded the Steam Workshop but it's not live.”
    A: It is possible that your item is on the Steam Workshop but not Public. This happens if you have not accepted Steam's Workshop Terms of Service. Please accept the Terms of Service, then go to your Steam Profile and look at your Steam Workshop content. Then go to the mod you uploaded and set its visibility to Public.
  5. Q: “I can see my mod on the Steam Workshop but no one else can.”
    A: This is because you have not accepted Steam's Workshop Terms of Service. Please accept the Terms of Service, then set your mods visibility to Public.
  6. Q: “I got an unknown error when uploading my mod to the Steam Workshop.”
    A: Please post in the Squad Modding Discord channel “Steam Workshop Support”. Please also share your: depot_build_393380.log file. This file is located in Steam/workshopbuilds.
  7. Q: “I can't join the server even though I have all the mods.”
    A: Make sure you leave the game and see if mods are downloaded and installed. If it does not work, check whether you are subscribed to a mod, then restart Steam. You will then see Steam Workshop content being downloaded. After it's downloaded, restart the game.
  8. Q: “Why can't I join the server that is currently on vanilla map?”
    A: If the server has modded content in its rotation, you will get a message with a link to the required mod, that you will need to install. This means you can't join the server until you have the mod installed. Note: Make sure to restart the game, then download and install the mod.
  9. Q: "How do I fix the random crashes in the SDK?"
    A: Random crashes or Fatal Errors only occur when the SDK is lacking sufficient RAM. You can fix this permanently by buying more RAM or partially by closing every program in the background ranging from Discord, Steam to Spotify then reopening the SDK.

Known Issues[ | ]

  • Due to removing a lot of our core art assets some of the physical material setups used by the maps will show errors when loading example maps. This is fine and will not affect your map
  • There may be some static weapon assets in the environment folders with broken materials. They are not to be used currently.
  • While the default US player models are still in the build they are not setup to be used as a team. (You could figure out how to clone the Russian team though) Please don't try to use them as a faction player without first understanding how they work.
  • The v12.0 SDK has some bugs in it, more info about you will find in the Discord "Squad Modding Hub"

Disclaimer[ | ]

The Squad SDK is shipped "As is" and Offworld Industries offers no guarantee and/or warranty that it will function with your specific hardware setup. EULA is the license of EPIC games when you install Unreal Engine 4. Any violation of those terms is the sole responsibility of the user.

Feel free to rip this stuff apart and poke around but do not attempt to export or reverse engineer assets to any other program. Doing so will result in immediate and permanent loss of access to Squad at Offworld Industries discretion.

Squad Modding Discord Hub[ | ]

If you need support or want to discuss the SDK with other members of the community working on maps, you can join the Squad Modding Hub at this link: https://discord.gg/9qxKTFEREQ

See Also[ | ]