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Description[edit | edit source]

Spawn Bunkers are a spawn point that an entire team can spawn on. In any given match players can expect to die and spawn many times. Therefore Spawn Bunkers are an integral part of Squad's game-play. Players must take the time to construct Spawn Bunkers and their location needs to be carefully selected and generally agreed upon by other squad leaders. Without effective placement, Spawn Bunkers can be easily fired upon and quickly turn into a deathtrap, overrun by enemy infantry, or destroyed. Without Spawn Bunkers, squads have to rely on Rally points to spawn, which can be easily disabled, or be forced to spawn at main base

The opening of a match is often the most crucial time for placing a Spawn Bunker. The location of the Spawn Bunkers determines where players will be able to spawn from and generally guides the flow of the round. Spawn Bunkers can be placed near capture zones for example, or further back as a fallback point. Squad leaders should use the staging time before a match begins to discuss where Spawn Bunkers should be placed, and use the Forward Operating Base icon in order to plan. This icon shows what the build radius will be if a Forward Operating Base is placed on the given location and the 300-meter radius that another Forward Operating Base can be built at.

Due to the introduction of persistent ammo, when a player spawns at a spawn bunker, they spawn with the ammo they died with (all players spawn with a minimum of magazines and bandages). If players wish to resupply, they will need to seek out an ammo crate, vehicle, or an ammo bag. Ammo crates are often constructed near a spawn bunker so that players can quickly resupply before engaging the enemy.

Construction of a Spawn Bunker[edit | edit source]

Spawn Bunkers can be placed by Squad Leaders within the build radius of a Forward Operating Base. Forward Operating Bases start with 0 construction points and therefore must be supplied with construction points from a logistics vehicle in order for a Spawn Bunker to be built. In Squad there are 2 types of Spawn Bunkers; HESCO Accommodation Bunkers (HABs) for the conventional forces, and Hideouts for the unconventional forces.

Each faction except for Insurgents can build only 1 Spawn Bunker per Forward Operating Base. As of alpha 13, Insurgents can build 2 hideouts per Forward Operating Base. As with every deployable asset, after a Spawn Bunker is placed it must be constructed with the Entrenching tool for the spawn to be active. Spawn Bunkers do not have to be fully dug up in order for players to spawn on, but it is recommended as this gives it full strength.

Costs[edit | edit source]

The construction costs per Spawn Bunker can be found on the Deployables page here.

Spawn Timer[edit | edit source]

Spawn bunkers operate on a 30-second timer. This means that once a player has been incapacitated or dead for 30-seconds, they will be able to spawn on it. No confirmation button is necessary, so if the timer is 0 for that player, they will instantly spawn on that location.

Inactive and Destruction[edit | edit source]

Spawns are disabled (inactive) when 2 or more enemies are within a 30-meters radius of the Spawn Bunker. If the enemies leave the 30-meter radius or are killed/incapacitated, the spawn point is active after 10 seconds (little timer; marked with a yellow circle). Spawn bunkers can be damaged and destroyed by either digging them down with the Entrenching tool or if fired upon with explosive weapons. Once a spawn bunker reaches half-life (the ceiling disappears) it is no longer an active spawn and must be constructed with the Entrenching tool to become active again. In this situation, it will happen like a normal "disable" from nearby infantry with a 10 seconds timer. The same happens if the radio hub is damaged at least one stage down (it will also disable the spawn) and got digged up.

FOB inaktiv.jpg Spawn is inactive. You need to build a HAB or the HAB is disabled.

FOB aktiv.jpg Spawn is active. Team members can spawn now.

ingame[edit | edit source]

Spawn HAB (HASCO Accommodation Bunkers)
US Army Canadian Army British Army Russian Ground Forces
Spawn Hideout
Milita Insurgents

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