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Skirmish is a control point mode, the objective for both teams is to capture and hold Control Points (aka Flags) in a preset order. Capturing enemy flags penalizes the enemy team and rewards you with additional Tickets. The team who first runs out of tickets will lose.
~ In-game description

Skirmish is a game mode featured in Squad.

The objective of skirmish is the same as Advance and Secure (AAS) in that teams fight over control points but on a much smaller scale. Skirmish battles are fought on a trimmed out section of a map. For instance, on the Tallil Outskirts Skirmish v2 layer, the entirety of the map is the Ali Air Base, which is just a section of the actual Tallil Outskirts map.

Starting tickets are much lower than AAS and RAAS, generally, 100 tickets for each team. When a control point is first captured, that team gains 10 tickets. When a team captures an enemy control point, the ticket gain/loss is +20 / -20. When a team reaches 0 tickets, that team loses the match.

Skirmish layers are useful for seeding servers or low population gameplay due to their small size. Engagements are much more frequent and matches end quicker.

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