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Shooting Range (or formerly "Firing Range") is one of the Game Modes in the game Squad. You start the Shooting Range from the Main menu. In this mode, players are left alone on an offline map of Jensen's Range. This allows you to learn how to control your character and explore the map. You can load all available maps and even mods (see instructions in Playing a Mod).

You can use almost the full functionalities of the game – most restrictions present in normal games are lifted, particularly the standard kit restrictions. Best use this game mode to get familiar with and set up the controls before heading into a multiplayer game and trying out the different roles and weapons. You might also want to make use of console commands like "AdminChangeMap" and explore the available maps.

When entering the Shooting Range, you can choose which factions you want to play.

ShootingRange Faction Selection.jpg

Jensen's Range[]

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Jensen's Training Ridge 2.jpg


With each update, load the Shooting Range to check out your graphic settings and changes with the update. Shooting Range is hosted on your own machine so is an excellent place to try out assets without upsetting game play.

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