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The server browser is used to select a game server to play a multiplayer match. You find the server browser in the Main menu of Squad. If you want to play offline by yourself, you start the Shooting Range (Jensen's Range) from the Main menu.

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Server browser[ | ]

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The server browser lists all available game servers worldwide. It shows the current status of these servers and what matches they are hosting right now. A game server rotates after a match between different maps with different layers and different game modes.

Server types[ | ]

There are two server types:

  • Licensed: Licensed servers who's owners comply to rules that ensure teamwork-oriented games. Licensed servers are listed under the menu "Server browser".
  • Custom: Servers that A) do not complying to or fulfill the licensing agreement or B) run non whitelisted mods. Custom servers are listed under the menu "Custom servers".

Server list[ | ]

The server browser lists information for the following columns:

  • Favorites: allows you to see only your favored servers.
  • Password protection: If a server is password protected, you will see a golden lock icon.
  • Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC): Servers with a golden shield symbol have EAC enabled.
  • Server name: Server name; often you can deduce the owner and region from the server name
  • Game mode: Current game mode
  • Map name: Current map
  • Players (+players in queue) / maximum players: Number of players currently on the server, in queue and maximum number of allowed players
  • Health: The performance state of the server. If yellow or red, the server may be struggling in properly hosting the number of players on it.
  • Ping: Your ping to the server. Pings are usually lowest for servers in your region.

You can sort the server list by clicking on the column you want to sort by.

You can search the server list by entering a text string into the search bar at the lower bottom of the server list.

You can filter the server list with the following options:

  • Browse: You browse through the available servers (filters may apply).
  • Recent: (not yet implemented)
  • Favorites: (not yet implemented)
  • Friends: (not yet implemented)
  • Filters: You can set filters on which servers you want to see in the server list:
    • Show queues separately: (to be defined)
    • Show reserved slots: (to be defined)
    • Show empty servers: (to be defined)
    • Show different versions: (to be defined)

Joining a server[ | ]

Join a server by double-clicking it or by clicking "Join Server".

If a server is full, you will enter a queue. Once your slot on that server becomes available, the game will automatically launch. While queuing, you can freely make use of the entire Main menu.

It is recommended you pick a server in your region for better ping and it will be more likely that you find people speaking your language.

If you want to play together with friends, you have to join the same server first. Upon joining, autobalancing might split you up between the two teams and prevent you from switching to the same team. Just keep trying during the match - as players come and leave the match, you might find an opportunity when the autobalancing will let you switch teams. In the worst case, you will have to wait until the beginning of the next match you quickly switch teams at the very beginning of the match.

Playing a mod[ | ]

See Playing a Mod for all details. It's simple and easy.

Server hosting[ | ]

A game server is owned and administrated by clans, communities or other organisations. They have full responsibility over what is happening on their servers. If you have any complaints or players to report, you have to get in contact with the owner/administrators of the server you played on.

If you are interested in hosting a server, go to section Dedicated server.

You can find out more about Server Configuration.