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Welcome to the Server Troubleshooting section. This section should help you in case you run into problems with your Squad server.

Common Problems

Below you will find all recorded common problems with dedicated servers.

Known Issues

Below you will find all recorded known issues with dedicated servers.

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Common Solutions

Below you will find all recorded solutions with dedicated servers.




How to use this section

Above you will find a list of all recorded problems (we call them "issues") and solutions related to dedicated Squad servers. Browse through the list and look at the linked pages with further information. If you want to add new issues, please do so (please follow the Wiki Style Guide).

In general, all issue pages follow the same structure:

  • At the top of you will find a description of the observable symptoms - this should help you diagnose if your problem matches with this particular issue
  • Because an issue could have different root causes, there is a heading for each cause. Underneath each cause you will find the following information:
    • A description of the root cause - what is causing this problem.
    • A description of the solution for this cause - what do you have to do in order to fix the issue.
    • If the description vary for different Squad server architectures, each sub-section will provided the appropriate solution


When thinking of the Squad server, it's useful to be aware that other systems are involved and rely on each other. If you are encountering a problem, the cause could be with any of these systems.