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The scoreboard shows you your score and ticket count during a match. The score in Squad gives you an indication of the performance of individuals, squads, and teams. Scores are awarded for certain actions during a match. However, in all Game Modes, the score will not determine the result of a match; in most game modes the main win criteria are Tickets. You can look at the scoreboard at any time of the match and it will come up at the end of the game to show the match results.

Important hints:

  • Your total score is only updated every time you die. This is intentional to prevent the use of the scoreboard as kill confirmation.
  • During the match, you cannot see your kill and death count. This will only be displayed at the end of the match.

Scoreboard during the match[]

Score Board during round.

During a match, when you hold the Tab key you will see the in-match scoreboard. The scoreboard provides the following information (in-game you can also mouse-over the columns and symbols to see a short title). With the mouse-wheel, you can scroll the scoreboard.

At the very top of the screen, you see server related information:

  • Server name you are currently playing on (useful in case you want your friends to join you)
  • Server health (also shown and explained in the Server browser).
  • Total players (current players / maximum players allowed on this server)
  • Current game mode
  • Current map
  • Next map
  • Match time: The match time counts down - when it reaches zero, the match is over; the maximum match duration differs for maps and game modes

Next, above the scoreboard you see the following information for your team:

  • Faction
  • Tickets remaining (of course, you cannot see the tickets of the opposite team)
  • Players

The scoreboard provides the following information:

  • Squad number and squad name
  • "SL" for the current Squad Leader
  • Microphone: You can see if a person is speaking and by its color which channel he is using; if you click the speaker symbol, you can mute a player
  • Player name
  • Current state (e.g. dead, wounded, incapacitated)
  • Inside a vehicle
  • Current kit
  • Teammates revived
  • Points for healing
  • Teamwork score (e.g. kills, healing, logistics, etc.)
  • Objective score (e.g. capturing control points, etc.)
  • Overall cumulative score (total score)
  • Latency (ping in milliseconds)

Scoreboard at match end[]

Score Board at the end of the round.

At the end of a match, the final scoreboard will come up.

You can see the winner named at the very top and by how many tickets they won by.

The scoreboard will now also show all details of the opposite team, plus additional columns:

  • Enemies killed (enemy players that were incapacitated and gave up or died instantly)
  • Killed in action (the player's own deaths)
  • Enemies incapacitated (enemy players that were incapacitated and were either revived by a medic or have not yet given up by the end of the round)

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