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The Sapper is a kit available only to Rebel factions: the Insurgents and Militia forces.


Sapper kits are limited to 4 per team and is available to squads with 3 or more players.

A Sapper can have up to 10 anti tank mines deployed at any time, up to 5 decoys deployed at any time and 5 large IEDs on the map at a time. Attempting to place more than 10 mines will block the placement and a warning message appears: "Unable to place this tracked deployable, too many already placed?". Placing more than 5 IEDs will remove the oldest from the world. When you have placed a mine or IED you can dig it further into the ground to help conceal it, or leave it in plain sight to attempt to spook and funnel enemies into your other explosives or ambushes. This also means that your enemies can dig them up and thus neutralize them.


  • The tactics for the Sapper class embody the ambush spirit of the Rebel factions. First of all, the Sapper class is the only class besides the Squad Leader to get a set of Binoculars, making them extremely useful as spotters for artillery or fire-support vehicles, as well as just general reconnaissance. The most important weapons in the Sappers inventory are its TM-62 AT Mine and its IED. Ultimately, where the Sapper places the mines or IED are up to them. Areas where enemy vehicles are expected or have to pass through (such as bridges or causeways) are very good choices. Open roads through fields or grassland are not as favorable, as an experienced driver will probably avoid the roads where they can and drive in the dirt. Maps like Sumari, Chora Green Zone, Operation First Light, Logar Valley, and Fool's Road are all places where the Sapper can excel. Yehorivka is so open that the chances of a vehicle hitting your mine or IED are much lower. The same can be said with Gorodok or Kokan. Al Basrah may seem like a good map for Mines or IEDs but most players now know that bringing vehicles into the city is suicide anyway. If the player can get their hands on a Minsk 400, the bridges between the City and US Main may prove more favorable.
  • Scouting ahead.
  • To find more tactics and playstyles about the Sapper you can also search in the Squad Community Guides section in Steam.
  • IEDs are incredibly strong against infantry as they can deal damage through solid walls making them great for dislodging well entrenched enemies.
  • IEDs can instantly destroy enemy radios even through walls making them great for destroying enemy FOBs.
  • IEDs deal heavy damage to vehicles and will always guarantee a mobility kill VIA a de-tracking or popping of wheels making the vehicle incredibly vulnerable to further attack.
  • IEDs kill light vehicles like the M-ATV, BRDM-2, any nations logistic truck and any Technical with one explosion. all IFVs and APCs such as the BTR-82A or FV510 will be killed in two explosions. Main battles tanks such as the FV4034 will take 3 explosions.


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