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SZ-1 Explosive
СЗ-1 Сосредоточенный Заряд.jpg
Users Russian Ground Forces
Middle Eastern Alliance
Cartridge 1 kg of TNT

The SZ-1 Explosive is a demolition charge in Squad. It is used by Combat Engineers of the Russian Ground Forces and Middle Eastern Alliance.

General Information[]

  • SZ-1 (СЗ-1), Focused Charge, Soviet engineering explosive charge created in the 1950s for multipurpose explosive works.
  • Will not destroy a radio completely, hit radio with shovel for 3-5 seconds to complete take down.
  • When placing on vehicles it can sometimes fall on ground. Make sure the green highlight is on the target to prevent this. Can be done easier on the sides or top of vehicles.


It is statistically the same as the other demolition charges used by other factions except the IED. It has a fuze time of 30 seconds and is used in a similar fashion. It only differs from the other demolition charges cosmetically.


  • The abbreviation CZ from CZ-1 stands for sosredotochenny zaryad (Сосредоточенный Заряд) which means in English from Russian concentrated or focused charge.