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Users Insurgents
Irregular Militia
Capacity One
Cartridge 73mm Rocket
Fire Mode Single Shot

The SPG-9 "Kopye" is a deployable weapon and a technical-mounted weapon available in Squad.

General Information[]

The SPG-9 is a manually breech loaded smoothbore recoilless rifle. It was designed by Silin & Alekseev in the late 1950s and adopted by the Soviet Army in 1962 to replace the B-10 recoilless rifle. The SPG-9 uses rockets similar to the 2A28 Grom, which is the main armament of its BMP-1 mechanized infantry combat vehicle. Today, many Asian and European countries that had connections to the Soviet Union, as well as non-state and terrorist organizations, have the SPG-9 in their arsenal.

The SPG-9, compared to the B-10, is lighter, more accurate, and has better armor penetration. The SPG-9 uses rocket-assisted and fin-stabilized 73mm caliber smoothbore projectiles. The SPG-9 has a tripod when used by infantry and is mounted by a pedestal when used on vehicles and ships. The SPG-9 can use optical and night sights. A skilled crew can fire 5-6 projectiles from an SPG-9 in 1 minute and crews are usually 2 to 4 people. Penetration depends on the projectile used. Armor penetration is 300mm RHA with standard HEAT-FS projectiles and 400mm RHA with improved projectiles.


  • The SPG-9 has access to 2 types of rounds; HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) rounds (similar to the RPG-7 but it packs a bigger punch and it shoots it a lot faster, further and straighter), and Fragmentation rounds. HEAT rounds are effective against vehicles whereas fragmentation rounds are more effective against infantry.
  • Equipped on the Technical, the SPG-9 has 8 HEAT rounds and 8 Fragmentation rounds.
  • Limited to two per FOB and is an emplacement, compared to one BGM-71 TOW or 9M133 Kornet ATGMs of conventional armies.
  • Each reload requires 100 ammo points from a FOB (see here for more information about all real projectiles)
  • Despite the projectiles' non-guided nature, they have a relatively long range. The HEAT rounds fired are also weaker than ATGMs, but deal similar damage as handheld tandem rockets. They are also cheaper than ATGMs, and the SPG-9's breech-loading gives it faster rate of fire.

A Technical with a SPG-9 recoilless rifle.



Kopye (копье) is Russian for "spear".

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