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Rally Points are squad-specific spawn points. Each squad can have one active rally point at a time. In addition to Spawn Bunkers, the rally point is the other type of spawn point your team can create and will use to spawn after dying. Rally points are easily destroyed (burned) and therefore their placement needs to be carefully considered. Rally points should not be placed too close to Spawn Bunkers or objectives in order to provide a "backup" spawn point. A squad should try to always have a rally point down to increase the number of spawn locations the squad can spawn at.

Placing a Rally Point[]

To place a rally point, a Squad Leader will need to bring the item up by scrolling up with their mouse wheel in their inventory. The standard Squad Leader kit requires at least one other member of the squad to be within 8 meters to place a rally point. The rally point is depicted in-game by a heap of backpacks and as a flag with the associated squad's number on the map.


Rally points are a deploy-able and can only be placed down once before needing a rearm. Rally points cost 50 ammo to rearm. Once a rally point is placed by a squad leader, there is a cooldown of 120-seconds before another can be placed. Rally points cannot be placed within 50-meters of any enemy. If a Squad Leader attempts to place a rally point within 50-meters of an enemy they will be notified that enemies are within 50-meters and the 120-second timer will reset. If a different player is appointed squad leader, the 120-second timer will reset.

Spawning at a rally point[]

Rally Points are the only spawn points that use wave spawns. When a Rally Point is deployed, a timer will begin to count down from 60 seconds to 0 repeatedly. Squadmates who select the rally point to spawn on will spawn only when the wave timer reaches 0. The minimum time to wait is 20 seconds, so if a player dies with 15 seconds remaining on the timer, they will have to wait a total of 75 seconds to respawn on the rally point. Other spawn points, such as spawn bunkers and main base only require the player to have been incapacitated or dead for 30 seconds before you can spawn on.

Buddy Rally[]

Introduced in Alpha 13, the Buddy rally system allows a dead Squad Leader to place a rally point on an existing Squad Leader's rally point. This is only available able to the Insurgents and has a restriction of the 60-second cooldown between rallies. When dead, a Squad Leader can right-click on an existing friendly rally in the deployment menu and select Deploy Rally Point in order to place their rally point next to the existing rally. This rally point should be refreshed when possible so that both rallies are not burned at the same time.


If any enemy, including those inside a vehicle, move within 30-meters of a rally point it will be destroyed.



  • As of V12 Rally Points now have unlimited respawns. Prior to this, each rally point could only be spawned on 9 times before it would disappear.

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