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RPG-29 real life.jpg
Users Insurgents
Irregular Militia
Middle Eastern Alliance
Capacity One
Cartridge 105 mm Rocket
Fire Mode Single Shot

The RPG-29 is a rocket launcher in Squad available to the Irregular Militia and Insurgents secondary heavy anti-tank kit, and the Middle Eastern Alliance's only heavy anti-tank kit.

General Information[]

The RPG-29 "Vampir" is a shoulder-launched, unguided, tube-style, breech-loading anti-tank rocket system with a range of 500 meters. The RPG-29 was designed by the Bazalt company in the late 1980s and later adopted by the Soviet Army in 1989 and then the Russian Ground Forces (RGF) in 1991 once the Soviet Army dissolved. The RPG-29 is the last RPG to be created and adopted by the Soviets before the Soviet Union's dissolution. The RPG-29 was exported to a decent amount of nations and non-state organizations: notably Iran, Mexico, and Ukraine.

Features of the RPG-29 include a 2.7×1P38 optical sight on the top of the launch tube and a shoulder brace for proper positioning along with a pistol grip trigger mechanism on the bottom of the tube. When launched, the missile deploys eight fins as the rocket leaves the launcher, stabilizing the rocket during flight, up to a range of 500 meters. The RPG-29 is unusual among Russian anti-tank rocket launchers in that it lacks an initial propellant charge to place the projectile at a safe distance from the operator before the rocket ignites. Instead, the rocket engine starts as soon as the trigger is pulled, and burns out before the projectile leaves the barrel.

Although it may be possible that this weapon was adopted by the Russian military, it certainly is not in widespread use with them. It has been exported to Iran, Mexico, and Syria and has been employed by militants in Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria at a minimum. It can penetrate up to 600-mm of homogenous armor beyond ERA, 2,000-mm of brick, 1,500-mm of reinforced concrete, and 3,700-mm of log and earth. [1]


The RPG-29 is one of the most powerful anti-tank rocket launchers in Squad. It fires a 105 mm Tandem Heavy Anti-Tank rocket, capable of destroying all but the heaviest of armor with one shot. The RPG-29 can be ranged to accurately acquire targets up to 400 meters, substantially more than its counterpart the RPG-7 at 150 meters. The rocket flies faster as well, but this also means the arming distance is much greater (40 meters compared to 25 meters). The RPG-29 comes with two rockets, and therefore it can be considered the most destructive Heavy Anti-Tank kit in Squad.

The Irregular Militia and Insurgents secondary Heavy Anti-Tank kits are the two kits that comes equipped with the RPG-29. This kit is available when a team reaches 20 players. Available to any squad with at least 3 players, only one kit per team can be claimed. It is also included in the MEA HAT kit. Both HAT kits are equipped with the RPG-29 and a special scope (range to 700), different to the normal RPG-29 (iron sight).




  • Given the substantial arming distance, the RPG-29 must be fired from a greater distance compared with other rocket launchers in order to detonate. The arming distance is 40 meters, and it is easy to waste a rocket by firing on a vehicle that is too close. Make sure you are standing far back enough in order for the rocket to detonate, as it is easy to forget that the arming distance is doubled compared to the other rocket launchers.
  • The RPG-29 is generally regarded as the most powerful handheld anti-tank weapon in the game. It is only equipped with 2 PG-29V tandem heavy anti-tank rockets, unlike the other heavy anti-tank launchers in the game that come with HEAT rounds and/or some other type of ammo. Therefore the primary target of any person carrying the RPG-29 is an armored target, preferably an APC, IFV, or MBT. Wasting a tandem rocket on infantry targets is not recommended.
  • The RPG-29 takes notoriously long to reload. Make sure you have cover for doing so.


  • RPG stands for Ручной Противотанковый Гранатомёт - Ruchnoy Protivotankoviy Granatomyot in Russian which in English means Hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher. An unofficial abbreviation of the RPG is "rocket-propelled grenade".

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