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RPG-26 real life.jpg
Users Russian Ground Forces
Middle Eastern Alliance
Capacity One
Cartridge 72.5 mm HEAT Rocket
Fire Mode Single Shot

The RPG-26 is a rocket launcher used by the Russian Ground Forces and Middle Eastern Alliance Light Anti-Tank kit. The RPG-26 fires a single 72.5 millimeter High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) rocket.


The RPG-26 was designed by the Bazalt company in the early 1980s and later adopted by the Soviet Army in 1985. The RPG-26 fires a single-stage rocket with jack-knife fins, which unfolds after launch. The rocket carries a 72.5 millimeter diameter high explosive anti-tank single shaped charge warhead capable of penetrating 440 millimeters of armour, one meter of reinforced concrete, or one and a half meters of brickwork. It has a maximum effective range of around 250 meters.


Added into the game as a Russian Ground Forces Light Anti-Tank weapon during alpha 10. As of the alpha 13 update, the Russian kits Light Anti-Tank consists of two load-outs, one equipped with the RPG-26 and the other kit is equipped with the RPG-7. This kit is considered the Russian Ground Forces primary Light Anti-Tank kit and is restricted to four per team. The rifle included with this kit is an AK-74M with a 1P78 optic. Each squad can only claim one primary and one secondary LAT kit, which unlock when a squad reaches three and six players respectively. See the Light Anti-Tank page for more information.

Functionally, the RPG-26 is extremely similar to the US Army, British Army, and Canadian Army M72 LAW. It is a disposable one-shot launcher with a single 72.5 mm HEAT round. The RPG-26 rocket deals similar damage to the M72 LAW and has a similar sight aperture and maximum effective range. The RPG-26 HEAT rocket can damage any vehicle in Squad, but is most effective against lightly armored vehicles. An Infantry Fighting Vehicle and Main Battle Tank will require many hits in order to destroy, although it is possible to target components such as the vehicle's tracks in order to (temporarily) disable or slow the vehicle.

The RPG-26 has an arming distance of 22m and a penetration of 440mm RHA.



  • Use the adjustable ranging system in order to increase your chances of hitting the target. Practice on the Shooting Range.
  • The rocket is considered a High Explosive Anti Tank (HEAT) round and should be used to destroy enemy vehicles, not enemy infantry.



  • RPG stands for Ручной Противотанковый Гранатомёт - Ruchnoy Protivotankoviy Granatomyot in Russian which in English means Hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher. An unofficial abbreviation of the RPG is "rocket-propelled grenade".

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