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When talking about Squad, we also have to mention Project Reality. Project Reality is a mod (modification) for Battlefield 2. Commonly this mod is called "PR:BF2" or just "PR". Development of Project Reality started in 2004 and Project Reality has been very popular ever since. Many of the original modders of Project Reality have become developers of Squad, to the great joy of many if not to all Squad players who were Project Reality "veterans" before. Although Squad is the spiritual successor to Project Reality and many gameplay features from Project Reality will be implemented in Squad, Squad is not Project Reality 2 but instead a game of its own.

Like Squad, Project Reality ("PR") is a combined arms, tactical, first-person, multiplayer-shooter, although the immersive combined arms aspect is of more focus in PR than in Squad (e.g. PR allows ducking behind machine guns, has very immersive stationary AT-guns on some maps and features a lot more AT-vehicles in general) and PR includes the US Marine Corps as a playable faction. Originally Project Reality required a copy of Battlefield 2 to play. Since version 1.3 it no longer requires the original Battlefield 2. Now anybody can enjoy Project Reality for free. Try it yourself. Make no mistake, although Project Reality is based on a 10-year-old game engine and the graphics are clearly dated, the gameplay is phenomenal. Development of Project Reality continues today and enjoys a loyal player base.

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