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PM Makarov
Makarov Pistol.jpg
Users Insurgents
Irregular Militia
Capacity 8-round detachable box magazine
Cartridge 9x18mm Makarov
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic
The Makarov pistol was a Soviet era pistol adopted by the Soviets in the 1950s. Its reliability and robustness made it popular as a sidearm all around the developing world, and is still seen in modern Russian inventories to this day.
~ In-game description

The PM Makarov is a handgun featured in Squad.

General Information[]

The Makarov Pistol is a semi-automatic blowback action pistol. It is designed by Nikolay Makarov in 1948 and adopted by the Soviet Army in 1951 to replace the outdated Tokarev TT-33 pistol and the Nagant M1895 revolver as the standard sidearm for both the police and the military of the Soviet Union. The Makarov pistol is still in use after the Soviet Army dissolved in 1991 and became the Russian Ground Forces' standard sidearm and as well as the Russian police's standard sidearm. The Makarov pistol ended its military service of the RGF in 2003 when it got replaced by the newer MP-443 Grach. However, the Makarov is still used as the standard police sidearm of the Russian Federation today as well as the standard sidearm of police and military forces of countries with ties to the Soviet Union.

The Makarov pistol is based out of the German Walther PP pistol. The Makarov has an extremely simple design with a part count of 27, making it easier to manufacture and use. Some features the Makarov pistol has are a chrome-lined, 4-groove, 9.27mm caliber barrel wrapped in 7kg recoil springs, reinforced wraparound bakelite or plastic grip, a mainspring, and a sear spring. Despite the Makarov Pistol having a free-floating triangular firing pin with no firing pin spring or firing pin block, the pistol has excellent security against accidental discharge. The Makarov Pistol has a double fire/single fire trigger mechanism and uses the 9x18mm Makarov cartridges.


  • The PM's box magazine has 8 rounds.
  • Can be fired only on semi-automatic.
  • The PM is used by all rebel factions: the Insurgents and Irregular Militia.



  • PM stands for Pistolet Makarova (Пистолет Макарова) which means in English from Russian, "Makarov's pistol".

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