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Information.svg Note: This map have been removed from the game as of V12.
Operation First Light
OP First Light minimap V6.jpeg
 Size  1430 x 1430 m (2 km²)
 Theater  N/A
 Location  N/A
 More  N/A

Operation First Light (Russian: Oперация Первый Cвет; operatsiya pervyy svet) was one of the Maps available in the game Squad. It has been removed from Squad as of A12.

Operation First Light was set in Eastern Europe, with terrain covered in dense forests and fog. The map was mostly infantry based combat. The fighting consisted mostly of close-quarters or mid-range firefights in the urban areas or in the forests.


The following is a compilation of tactics and general knowledge acquired through player experience with this map.

  • On the AAS V1 version of this map, the Irregular Militia will sometimes rush the Rail Docks point in order to delay the US team. The Militia need to use Technicals to do this, so keep your ears open for their engine sounds. Don't treat it as a throwaway first capture and keep your attention to the north for an enemy assault.
  • The Storage Site is a critical capture point and is often rushed by the American team in order to secure it quickly (they have a somewhat shorter route to it). The Militia should attack from multiple sides at once, get in close quickly and clear the structures as fast as possible. The militia should not have all of their Squads attacking from the same side.
  • The large forests that encircle the map make it very easy for a small team of soldiers to out flank and then back cap an enemy control point relatively easily. Always leave a Squad at your defense point to ensure its security
  • This map is fairly small. As a result, one poorly placed FOB can make it impossible to place good ones where they need to be. Make sure your FOBs are placed strategically, with a mind to where other ones may need to be placed in the future.


AAS v1[]


  • Nilrem Village
  • Rail Docks
  • Railroad Village
  • Storage Site
  • The Castle


  • Operation First Light was formerly a vegetation test map called Forest.
  • If you look closely, you can see that the Infantry Tutorial map uses Operation First Light landscape layout.

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