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Users British Army
Capacity One
Cartridge 150mm Tandem HEAT
Fire Mode Single Shot
The NLAW is a joint British and Swedish short-range fire-and-forget anti-tank missile system. Designed for use by infantry, the NLAW is shoulder fired and disposable, firing once before being disposed of. Use caution when operating this weapon as it has a large backblast.
~ In-game description

The NLAW is an anti-tank rocket launcher featured in Squad.[1].

General Information[]

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As of v2.0, the NLAW now serves as the primary Heavy Anti-Tank weapon of the British Army, replacing the earlier AT-4 ILAW. What makes the NLAW unique from the other infantry-carried anti-tank weapons is the Predicted Line Of Sight (PLOS) guidance mode. Before firing, the gunner must maintain tracking on the target to program the rockets' velocity. When fired, the launcher programs the rockets' trajectory allowing it to intercept the target.

Projectile arms past 65 meters and have max. effective range of 600m, at which the rocket will run out of propellant and fall to the ground.

The NLAW sits at a re-arm cost of 90, instead of the typical 80 for the other heavy anti-tank rounds.

You can switch between “Direct Attack” and “PLOS” weapon modes by pressing the X (adjust sights) key.

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  • The real-life NLAW is technically a "light" anti tank weapon, though is used by the Heavy Anti-Tank class in squad.
  • The NLAW's lack of range drop-off makes it an extremely easy weapon to use at 400m, with 600m being the maximum recommended range.
  • The real-life NLAW features a "top-down" attack mode, in which the projectile uses magnetic sensors to detonate when directly above a target. This is not featured in Squad.

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