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Mortars are emplacements that allow squad's to provide indirect fire support.

Users U.S. Army
Russian Ground Forces
Irregular Militia
British Army
Canadian Army
Middle Eastern Alliance
Capacity 3
Cartridge High explosive, smoke
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic


Mortars are deployables limited to two mortars per FOB. See below table for the Logistic suplly icon.png construction point costs based on the faction.

Mortars come with a 'magazine' of 3 rounds at the ready. Mortars can fire the following ammunition:

  • High explosive rounds deal large damage at detonation. HE rounds are also able to damage or destroy deployables. (40 ammo points)
  • Smoke rounds provide a large smokescreen that lasts between 45 seconds to a minute, and are perfect for long-range suppression allowing for a large attack force to move in on a position. (25 ammo points each)

The current set of mortars in Squad have about 1230m effective range on a level surface, you will have to migrate your fire support battery to a closer FOB if you cannot reach your target.

Tips: Using the WASD keys while aiming with the mortar will add/subtract 1 mil from your current angle or pivot slowly for more precise vectoring.

Factions have different models for Mortars but their fire rate appears to be the same.

  • Introduced in v15, Mortars have been granted the ability to damage armored vehicles on direct or very close (<1.5m) hits. Unarmored vehicles now also take damage from indirect mortar hits. (Fragmentation damage.)
L16A2 Mortar.png
Insurgent and Militia - M1937 82mm Mortar U.S. Army and Canada - M252 81mm Mortar Russia and MEA - Podnos 82mm Mortar British Army - L16A2 81mm Mortar

Mortar calculators[]

Setting the mortars correctly on target is very difficult to do by trial and error. Most players use web-based mortar calculators to get exact settings for their targets. Using the Steam overlay and browser, you can even do this from within the game.


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