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Squad can be modded using the Squad SDK. Below you can find guides on how to get started in modding, where to download the Squad SDK and guides that will take you through the process of creating a mod all the way to playing them on a dedicated server.

If you want to use Unreal Engine's Sequencer tool to create cinematic quality video sequences for Squad, please go to Cinematics.

Many of the modding pages are under heavy construction at the moment! Feel free to help us complete them.

Getting Started[ | ]

For Players[ | ]

Playing a Mod

For Mod Developers[ | ]

Squad SDK

Creating a Mod

Creating a Custom Map

Creating a Custom Map Layer

Map Optimisation

Custom Map Entities

Creating a Minimap

Releasing a Mod

Updating mods Steam Thumbnail

Using a Version Control System

For Server Owners[ | ]

Uploading a mod to a dedicated server

Miscellaneous topics[ | ]

Creating a topographical map image

Steam workshop maps

More information and Help[ | ]