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The Mi-8 is an air support vehicle in Squad. The Mi-8 is the standard tactical utility transport helicopter of the Russian Ground Forces. It was added in the Alpha 16 update. The Mi-17 is a export variant and is used by the Middle Eastern Alliance, added in the v1.0 release.


General Information[]

The Mi-8 has the ability to carry 24 troops or 4 tons of cargo. The maximum speed is 250 km/h. The Mi-8 "Hip" (NATO reporting name) was first developed by the Soviet Union in 1967 and is now produced by the Russian Federation. The Mi-8T variation has a crew of 3, a length of 59ft 7in (18.17m), has a top speed of 160 mph (260 km/h), a range of 380 miles (610 km), and a service ceiling of 14,800 ft (4,500 m).


  • The Mi-8 is only used by the Russian Ground Forces. It is commonly referred to by players as the Hip, from its official NATO reporting name. The Mi-17 is used by the Middle Eastern Alliance.
  • The Mi-8 can carry up to 9 passengers, not including the pilot, copilot, and 2 crew-chiefs (door gunners).
    • That's the Pilot and 12 passengers with any kit.
  • The Mi-8 is armed with two PKP general purpose machine guns, while the Mi-17 is armed with two MG3 general purpose machine guns. Each PKP has eight 100-round ammo boxes, while each MG3 has (x) (x)-round ammo boxes.
  • The Mi-8 and Mi-17 can carry up to 1500 points of supplies which is 500 points more than the NATO UH-60M.



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