Squad Wiki

After starting the Squad client, you will be sent to the main menu.

Main menu

In the main menu you will have the following choices:

  • Back-button: Brings you back to the main screen.
  • Server browser: Choose a licensed server to join a multiplayer game.
  • Custom servers: Choose a custom (unlicensed or modded) server to join a multiplayer game.
  • Training: Starts a local game which allows you to fire all weapons available in Squad on the map Jensen Range.
  • Settings: In the settings menu you can set your options for the gameplay, video, sound and controls.
  • Credit: Shows a list of all developers and other contributors.
  • Power-button icon:
    • Exit game: Exit Squad and goes back to Windows.
    • Disconnect: When you are in a match, click here to leave the match and get back to the main menu.
  • Music widget: On the bottom left-hand corner you have a music widget. Here you can play songs from the Squad original soundtrack (also available as DLC on Steam). The widget can play music in the main menu and in-game during matches.
  • Screen Shot Mode: On the bottom right-hand corner you can toggle the screen shot mode - this will enable or disable all in-game HUD elements.

If you are playing in a match, you can bring up the menu at any time by pressing ESC.

On the left-hand side, you see the "message of the day" with useful and changing information.

In the bottom left-hand corner, you will see the current release version Squad you are running, e.g. "Squad a-". The first few digits are the most relevant ones: "a-15.4" stands for Alpha version 15.4. For full release changelogs, please see Release Versions.

In the bottom left-hand corner, you also see the current Steam status. If offline, you will not able to play multiplayer games.