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M939 Truck
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Vehicle Info
 Operators  US Army
 Maps Available  Al Basrah, Anvil, Belaya Pass, Chora, Fallujah, Fool's Road, Gorodok, Jensen's, Kamdesh Highlands, Kohat Toi, Kokan, Lashkar Valley, Logar Valley, Manic-5, Mestia, Mutaha, Narva, Skorpo, Sumari Bala, Tallil Outskirts, Yehorivka

The M939 Truck is one of the Vehicles available in Squad. The M939 is a general purpose 6x6 Transport and Logistics truck that has been in service with the US Army since 1982.

General Information[]

The M939 is a general purpose 6x6 heavy truck designed in the late 1970s. The M939 is designed to succeed its predecessors, the M39 Heavy Truck and the M809 Heavy Truck. The M939 is a general purpose vehicle, meaning that it can have a large amount of uses, such as a cargo truck, recovery vehicle, military transport, etc. The M939 was adopted by the US Army in 1982. The M939 is currently used by 15 countries (including the United States).

The M939 weighs 22,750 lb (10,320 kg), is 25 ft 7 in (7.80 m) long, 8 ft 2 in (2.49 m) wide, and 9 ft 7 in (2.92 m) high. The M939 uses an 8.3 liter engine which can develop 240 hp (180 kW) at 2100 rpm. The M939 includes a new automatic transmission, cab, and hood/fender unlike its predecessors. It can reach up to a top speed of 86 km/h (53.44 miles).


The M939 is only used by the US Army.

  • This vehicle has no armament and basically no armour. It must either be protected or kept away from the frontline action. The engine and tires can be disabled by small arms fire, meaning a lone infantryman can theoretically disable you with a few bursts into the front grill.
  • For more information, see "Loading and Unloading Supplies" section of Logistic System.



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The M939 Transport variant is best for fast movement of a squad to different places around the map.


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The M939 Logistics variant exchanges its passenger capacity for carrying supplies to squads to build forward operating bases.


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