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M72 LAW.jpg
Users US Army
British Army
Canadian Army
Australian Army
Capacity One
Cartridge 66 mm Rocket
Fire Mode Single Shot

The M72A7 LAW is one of the Weapons available in Squad. The M72 LAW is developed and adopted by the United States Army (US Army) as the standard anti-tank weapon in 1963.


The M72 LAW is a portable one-shot 66-mm unguided anti-tank weapon. The M72 LAW was designed in 1963 and adopted into the US Army in the same year, replacing the M20A1 "Bazooka". It is equipped with a 66 mm HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) warhead capable of piercing 20 cm/8 inches of steel, 60 cm/2 ft of reinforced concrete, and up to 180 cm/5.9 feet of soil. The M72 LAW can penetrate and disable light armor vehicles such as armored personnel carriers and trucks with ease. However, main battle tanks are harder to disable using an M72 LAW. Its small size, collapsing ability, and portability made the M72 LAW a popular anti-tank weapon among many countries. However, it is not able to beat the popularity of Russia's infamous RPG-7 which is used by about 40 countries. The M72 LAW has been used since the Vietnam War. The M72 LAW is also used by the British Army under the designation LASM.


The M72 LAW is used by the US Army, British Army , Canadian Army , and Australian Army Light Anti Tank kits and Heavy Anti Tank kits. Under the British Army the M72 LAW is designated the LASM. Although the M72 LAW and the AT-4 are supposed to be single shot, given the launcher is damaged from firing, each can be rearmed an infinite number of times.


  • Minimum arming range for the Light anti-tank weapons is 25m. Fire it too close and the round will fail to detonate.
  • Firing behind framed windows will stop the projectile from exiting the window and waste a round. It can also be used to as an anti-infantry weapon if needed but its use is limited due to the design of the warhead being made for penetration rather than HE (High explosive).
  • The M72 LAW and all other rocket launchers generate a back-blast that can injure or kill anybody standing in close proximity behind the weapon when it's being fired.



  • LAW stands for Light Anti-tank Weapon.
  • The M72 LAW along with the AT-4 are the standard anti-tank weapons of the US Army.
  • In reality the modern British Army used the LASM was the SAP / HE firing M72A9 variant, not the M72A7 as it is in game.

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