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The M67 Fragmentation Grenade is a throwable weapon available in Squad.

Users US Army
Canadian Army
Capacity Single Unit
Cartridge 180g of Composition B
Fire Mode Throw

General Information[]

The M67 is the general issue anti-personnel fragmentation grenade used by the U.S. Army. Further developed from the M33 grenade to replace the M26 series and Mk2 grenades used since the Second World War. The grenade weighs four hundred grams in total and can be thrown, by the average male soldier, thirty to thirty-five metres. It is used by Argentina, Canada, El Salvador, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United States.


  • The M67 hand grenade can be thrown approximately fifty to sixty metres across a flat surface. Immediately after the grenade is thrown, detonation occurs after four seconds. The blast radius is approximately three metres from the centre, with further damage occurring within fifteen metres of the detonation site. The M67 hand grenade comes standard with all squad leader, M68 medic, all riflemen, M68 automatic rifleman, and M150 light anti-tank kits.
  • It is also the hand grenade of the Canadian Army. As of B19, the M67 was renamed to the C13 for the Canadians. It comes standard with all squad leader, medic, riflemen, and light anti-tank kits.

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