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M4 Super 90
M1014 Real-Life.jpg
Users British Army
United States Army
Capacity 7+1 internal tubular magazine
Cartridge 12 gauge
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic

The M4 Super 90 is an upcoming shotgun in Squad.[1][2]

General Information[]

In 1998, the US Army requested a new 12 gauge, semi-automatic combat shotgun. The M1014 was also used by US law enforcement as a tactical combat shotgun. The M1014 was exported to many nations, such as the United Kingdom, of which the British Army designated it as the L128A1.

One of the unique features of the M4 shotgun is its new function method, the "auto regulating gas-operated" (ARGO) system. In the ARGO system, two pistons are located ahead of the chamber to function the opposite of the rotating bolt, thus eliminating the need for complex mechanisms found on gas-actuated automatics. The M4 is extremely durable and reliable, functioning for about 25,000 shells without the need of the replacement for any part. The M4 also incorporates a collapsible buttstock which can help for easier storage and transportation, as well as better maneuverability, and a Picatinny rail for optics and other features.


The M4 shotgun will be available to two factions:

Role Faction Variant Sight Magazine Added in
Combat Engineer USArmy Flag.PNG US Army M1014 Iron sights 7+1 shells TBD
GB flag.jpg British Army L128A1 Iron sights 7+1 shells TBD




  • Abbreviation Meanings
    • The M in "M1014" stands for Model, and 1014 is the model number,
    • The L in "L128A1" stands for Land Service, 128 stands for the model number, A stands for Mark, and 1 stands for the type of Mark.

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