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 Operators  Australian Army
 Maps Available  N/A

The M1A1 is a main battle tank in Squad. The M1 has three variants, the M1, the M1A1, and the M1A2. Currently, the M1A1 is available to the Australian Army and the M1A2 is available to the US Army.



General Information[]

The M1A1 AIM SA is the official designation for the Australian M1A1 variant, weighing less than the M1A2 at 63 short tons. The M1A1 is 9.83 m (32.25 ft; including main gun length) long. Width and height are the same as the M1A2. All crew members required to operate the M1A1 are the same as the M1A2. Like the M1A2, the M1A1 is highly mobile, well-armed, and heavily-armoured. The armour, ammunition, and systems differ slightly, however. The M1A1 AIM operates KEW-A2 APFSDS (a tungsten variant of the M829A2), a non depleted-uranium armour package, and an Integrated-Management Situational-Awareness (AIM SA) system upgrade. Additionally, a Mag58 occupies the coaxial and pintle mounts, with the M1A1 being slightly more agile than the M1A2, considering the 7 ton weight difference.


The M1A1 is used by the Australian Army and the M1A2 used by the US Army. They are fairly similar in-game, as many technological advancements were not included.

  • The M1 is equipped with a 120mm M256 smoothbore cannon and carries (21) AP rounds and (21) HEAT rounds, making it one of the most formidable vehicles on the battlefield when it comes to raw firepower. In addition, the M1 gunner can fire a coaxial machine gun (2000 rounds) and 40mm smoke grenade launchers with 2 charges for concealment. The cannon has an average reload speed of 6 seconds, equating to 10 rounds per minute. This is currently the fastest in-game.
  • The driver's set comes equipped with an engine smoke generator. To activate the smoke generator, hold down the left mouse button.
  • The gunnery that is currently modeled for the M1 does not include modern fire control systems yet, so manual adjustments for range are currently the only way to operate the main gun.[1]
  • The M1 has its engine located at the back and its ammunition storage on the bottom left of the hull. The image shown in the section shows the M2A3 (left) and the M1A2 (right) with the locations of its components.[1]
    • Hitting the ammunition storage, depending on the damage, may potentially destroy the tank entirely through ammo cook-off.
    • Hitting the engine can hinder the M1A2's mobility. Damaging the engine reduces the vehicle's acceleration and top speed, and destroying it will render the vehicle immobile.
  • The M1 presents a formidable armor profile from the front. While the turret is well-armored and highly resistant to incoming fire, like other tanks in the game, the gun mantlet is a glaring weakness. At longer ranges, tankers should prioritize targeting the mantlet to increase the chances of penetration. At shorter ranges, however, tankers should consider firing at the right section (when facing an M1 from the front) of the lower glacis as a penetrating hit in that area could result in an ammunition cook-off.
  • The M1A1 does not include a loader seat, as without a pintle-mounted machine gun it serves no in-game purpose. Instead of the M2A1 CROWS system, it uses an older M2A1 CWS with weaker magnification, no stabilization and no laser rangefinder.


Main Armament M256 120mm smoothbore gun 120 mm KEW-A2 Armor-Piercing Sabot 21
M830A1 High Explosive Anti-Tank 21
Secondary Armament Mag58 7.62 mm 2,000
Countermeasure Smoke Launcher 40 mm 2
Commander's HMG M2A1 Browning CWS 12.7 mm 7x 100


  • Originally, it was stated that both the M1A1 and M1A2 would be added for the US Army. This was changed and the M1A1 was only added far later for the Australian Army in Version 2.15
  • The AIM SA package increases the M1A1 tank's fighting capability by providing Australian crews with an electronic graphic of the battlefield with icons for friendly and enemy forces