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M15 Anti-Tank Mine
Squad M15 Mine 1.jpg
Users United States Army
British Army
Canadian Army
Cartridge 10.3 kg of Composition B

The M15 is an anti-tank mine available to the US Army, British Army and Canadian Army Combat Engineer Role.

General Information[]

The M15 anti-tank blast mine is an American design originating from the Second World War. The mine is activated via a mechanical pressure switch and when sufficient downward pressure is applied, it will activate the fuze and trigger detonation. Containing about 10.3 kilograms of Composition B Explosive, it is capable inflicting mobility kills on heavy armor or dealing critical damage to lighter vehicles.


The US Army, British Army and Canadian Army Combat Engineer kit comes equipped with a single M15 Anti-Tank Mine. Once placed on the ground, a mine can further be concealed by equipping the Entrenching tool and digging the mine into the ground with LMB. Conversely, an enemy mine can be destroyed by the Entrenching tool, simply dig it up by holding RMB. Up to 10 mines can be deployed by a single Combat Engineer at one time, as long as the Engineer can keep resupplying his ammunition. Some vehicles will be instantly destroyed by mines, but many heavier vehicles will simply have their wheels or tracks knocked out, and receive a certain degree of damage depending on the vehicle's armor.


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