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M112 C4 Explosive
Users United States Army
British Army
Canadian Army
Cartridge 1.25-pounds of Composition C4

The M112 C4 Explosive is a demolition charge in Squad. It is the demolition charge used by Combat Engineers of the U.S. Army, British Army, and Canadian Army.


The M112 block demolition charge consists of 1.25-pounds of Composition C4 packed in a Mylar-film container with a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape on one surface. The tape is protected by a peelable paper cover. In blocks of recent manufacture, Composition C4 is white and packed in an olive-drab, Mylar-film container. M112 block demolition charge is used primarily for cutting and breaching all types of demolition work. Because of its moldability and high brisance, the charge is ideally suited for cutting irregularly shaped targets such as steel. The adhesive backing allows the charge to be attached to any relatively flat, clean, dry surface that is above freezing point.


  • The M112 C4 Explosive is the demolition charge used by the US Army, Canadian Army, and British Army. It is only available to their respective Combat Engineers, alongside the M15 Anti-Tank Mine.
  • As the name entails, it is used to damage and destroy deployables. Aside from this, it can also be used against vehicles. It can destroy light vehicles, but can only track and disable heavier vehicles like IFVs and MBTs.
  • Unlike the remotely detonated IED, C4 has a fuze time of 30 seconds. Once deployed, the timer will immediately start counting down. It also makes no sound when it is about to detonate. The deployed charge can be "built" with the Entrenching Tool which gives it extra durability from being disarmed, but it does not need this procedure in order to detonate. To disarm the charge, simply deconstruct it with the Entrenching Tool.

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