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The Light Anti-Tank (LAT) is a fire support role available in Squad. The Light Anti-Tank, along with its big brother the Heavy Anti-Tank, primary purpose on the battlefield is to damage and destroy enemy vehicles with rockets.


Although the Light Anti-Tank is not as powerful as the Heavy Anti-Tank in terms of anti-vehicle capabilities, it is still a crucial role. The Light Anti-Tank is a much less restricted kit, offering eight total slots per team compared with just two Heavy Anti-Tank kits. Also, more Light Anti-Tank kits come with a rifle equipped with an optic, making them more effective at long-range engagements as riflemen.

Each faction offers two types of Light Anti-Tank kits; a primary and a secondary. Every squad is limited to one primary and one secondary kit, unlocked when a squad reaches three and six players respectively. Teams are restricted to four primary kits and four secondary kits total, unlocked when the team reaches six, twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four players total respectively. The Light Anti-Kit kit is considered a Fire Support role, which is restrcited to three per squad.

The rockets used by the Light Anti-Tank are the M72 LAW (US Army and British Army) 66 mm High Explosive Anti-Tank rocket, the RPG-26 (Russian Ground Forces) 83 mm High Explosive Anti-Tank rocket, and the RPG-7 (Russian Ground Forces, Irregular Militia, Insurgents) OG-7V Fragmentation rocket and PG-7V High Explosive Anti-Tank rocket. Please visit a faction's respective Wiki page for more information on specific kit load-outs. These rockets all deal High Explosive Anti-Tank type damage, whereas the rockets exclusive due to the Heavy Anti-Tank deal Heavy Anti-Tank type damage, which is calculated differently based on a vehicle's type and armor.

Given the increase in the number of Vehicles in Squad, including Main Battle Tanks, the ability to destroy or disable enemy vehicles is increasingly vital to the success of a team. On Maps (layers) with a large number of vehicles, as many Light Anti-Tank kits as possible should be claimed. A team that is not able to effectively deal with enemy vehicles often loses a match, given vehicles ability to ferry troops across the map, supply Forward Operating Bases, and provide massive fire support on the battlefield.


  • Light Anti-Tanks should stick close to one another to provide sustained fire against vehicles since many vehicles require multiple hits from their rockets in order to be destroyed.
  • Before firing a rocket, make sure none of your allies are behind you in order to avoid damage from back-blast. In general, players warn others in local chat by saying something like, "About to fire, clear back-blast!" before firing.
  • Although the Light Anti-Tank is not as capable at destroying vehicles as the Heavy Anti-Tank, the Light Anti-Tank's rockets costs half as much to resupply as the rockets exclusive to the Heavy Anti-Tank. So although the Light Anti-Tank rockets do less damage, they are less expensive to rearm at an ammo bag or ammo crate. See Ammo Crate for a full list of resupply costs.
  • With the introduction of persistent ammo, players who spawn at a Forward Operating Base or Rally point will not spawn with any spent rockets. They will need to seek out an Ammo Crate, Vehicles with ammo points, or a rifleman's Ammo Bag in order to resupply. Switching to a Light Anti-Tank kit also means you will also spawn with no rockets, unless you spawn at Main Base.
  • Light Anti-Tanks are most effective when used to disable tracks/wheels, allowing follow-up shots from fellow ATs or vehicles. Crewmen will be forced to disembark to repair the vehicle, and may then be engaged.


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