Squad Wiki

Leadership is one of the key components in the game Squad. A good squad leader encourages team play and encourages all of their players.


  • If you are inexperienced, it is recommended that you shadow a more experienced squad leader before you take on the role of leading a squad by yourself.
  • Lead with determination, not whining. People will want to be told what to do if you do it confidently. Squad members will naturally wander off if they don't have leadership. Take charge, follow the tips below and your squad will follow.
  • It is highly recommended for squad leaders to have a microphone so that they can communicate with their squad. Additionally, a squad leader should encourage their squad to communicate with one another using both Squad and Local VOIP.
  • Frequently communicate with your squad in every situation. It helps to keep your squad informed about what other squads are doing. For instance, if another squad is attacking the next objective and they are almost done capping, let your squad know that it will be time to move out of the defend objective soon.
  • Make sure your squad is following your orders and executing them. Trust your squad members in getting the task done, do not micromanage your squad. Doing so will lead to an unpleasant experience for your members.
  • Staying calm and being decisive are important aspects of being a successful squad leader. While you may not make the right call all of the time, it's important that you have a clear direction to completing your objectives and that you stick to your plan. It's okay to admit you made a wrong call. Inform your squad that the objective changes, and give reason as to why you are refocusing your direction. It is best to be honest with your squad to and others.
  • Do not overextend in managing multiple objectives, keep your squad together and focused on one to two objectives max. Let other squads deal with other problems on the battlefield unless they are failing to complete their objective and are in need of assistance.