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 Operators  Canadian Army
 Maps Available  Al Basrah, en's, Jensen's, Manic-5, Mutaha

The LUV-A1 is a transport and logistics vehicle featured in Squad. It was introduced in the Alpha 15.3 update with the Canadian Army.[1]

General information[]

The LUV is a family of small all-terrain utility vehicles designed to serve on farms, worksites, and ranches. The LUV-A1 is a militarized variant used by the US Army , USMC, and Canadian Army. The LUVs are used in light utility roles at military facilities, and are purely support platforms.


In-game , the LUV-A1 is used only by the Canadian Army as a light supply vehicle with some infantry carrying capacity. It has no armour or protection for its riders at all and should be kept out of danger if at all possible. Its only advantages are that it carries a decent amount of supplies for its size and speed, and it is not as loud or clumsy as a full size Logistics Truck. It is also not a serious issue if one is destroyed or lost in the field. In this role, it fulfills the same role as the Technicals of the Irregular Militia and Insurgents. Oddly, the LUV-A1 uses the same engine sounds as the Minsk 400 motorcycle.

For more information, see "Loading and Unloading Supplies" section of Logistic System.

Vehicle Info Sheet[]

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