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Vehicle Info
 Operators  United States Marine Corps
 Maps Available  N/A

The LAV-25 is an infantry fighting vehicle featured in Squad. It will be introduced with the United States Marine Corps.

General information[edit | edit source]

The LAV-25 8×8 amphibious armored reconnaissance vehicle is used by the USMC. The vehicles are designed to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance activities over large distances with minimal logistic support.

Generally, the LAV-25 is pretty similar to the LAV 6.0 and the ASLAV-25, because they are all based on the same base system.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Weapon Model Caliber Basic Load Rounds
Main Armament M242 Bushmaster 25mm chain gun/autocannon 25 mm N/A N/A
Secondary Armament FN MAG 7.62 mm N/A
Countermeasure Smoke Launcher 40 mm 2
  • Standard crew of 3. Driver, gunner, commander. 7 passengers can be carried in the back.
  • The commander has access to a periscope that features hunter-killer functionality, granting the commander the ability to focus the gunner's cannon on a target.

Vehicle Info Sheet[edit | edit source]

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